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iCandy Orange

This photoset is of the new iCandy Orange. The Orange is a single pushchair which can be quickly and easily converted into a tandem pushchair for two.
There are at least 30 configurations using a combination of one or two seat units, one or two carrycots, one or two infant carriers, and one seat or carrycot or infant carrier with the integrated ride-on board.

We only had access to one carrycot and to one seat unit, so have been able to take photos of the complete set of configurations. However, all the configurations can be seen on this image here or here on the iCandy website.

We had an issue trying to work out from the photographs in the instructions which adaptors or risers were needed for which configuration. Usually it is simple to work out, but it may have been simpler if iCandy had been more specific in the instructions as to which parts were required and where exactly they fitted. We know iCandy has a high emphasis on safety, and parents need to be sure when setting their Orange pushchair up, especially in tandem mode, that the correct parts are used – we certainly made some errors when fitting the seats which resulted in some different configurations to those pictured!

Many thanks go to the Kiddy UK gang who kindly let us borrow two Evoluna i-Size infant carriers to demonstrate that one or two car seats can fit onto the iCandy Orange chassis in the lie-flat position. Unfortunately we didn’t quite finish the photos before their offices shut, so we need to take a few more photos of the Orange with the seat unit in single mode.

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