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Mee-Go Feather Review by Best Buggy

First Impressions

There is no doubt that the first impression of the Mee-Go Feather is of how extremely light it is for what looks like a fairly good sized pushchair! At just 5kg, the Feather is one of the lightest pushchairs on the market thanks to its honeycomb aluminum frame. However, light doesn’t mean flimsy! This pushchair is super strong and is certified to hold a HUGE 25kg of child weight.
The Mee-Go Feather is unusual because it is a lightweight buggy which has the options for a child to be parent facing, or forward facing. The handle flips over to create the new position to push; rather than the seat needing to be turned around.
Out of the box came the pushchair, a raincover, a coloured seat liner and a padded apron / boot cover.

Child Comfort, Harness and Bumper Bar

We tried the Mee-Go Feather out mainly with our 14 month old tester, however, we did also try it out with 6 year old, 23kg, 115cm Master BB simply because he still is within the weight limits for this stroller.

The seat is suitable from birth, however we felt that it would really need the addition of a baby nest to make the seat feel more secure for a tiny baby. The Feather does come with a reversible liner – one side is the same colour as the hood, and the other is black. Our 14 month old looked comfortable, as did our 6 year old. There was sufficient leg space, and seat room for the 6 year old, however, he was too tall for the canopy (which is what we would expect by this age) although he was within the weight capacity.

The seat has an upright position, and can recline down to flat using an unusual strap system. A small grey button needs to be pressed in to release a hard plastic strap which runs along a series of notches. Every notch is a recline position, so there are many positions available. We don’t think we have seen this system on any other pushchair. It is simple to release the strap, but a little fiddly when you want to push the seat back upright again. The seat doesn’t seem to go completely upright, however, the children have seemed relaxed in the seat, and haven’t tried to pull themselves up.

The huge advantage of the Mee-Go Feather is that the direction of travel can be altered. The seat unit is fixed, but the handlebar moves across the pushchair from one side to the other. This makes it simple to quickly swap if your child wishes to see you, or wants to see the world go by in front, without having to remove the child. You simply flip the handlebar, and walk around the other side of the pushchair; as opposed to having to remove the child, remove the seat unit, and turn the seat around, and strap your child back in. Much easier! This facility on such a small, lightweight pushchair is really brilliant, especially as there aren’t many parent facing lightweight strollers on the market.

There are three harness height settings, which suited both our children. The harness comes with a crotch pad and shoulder pads to ensure comfort. There is a 5 point harness, however the buckle and harness is one we have seen previously on a number of pushchairs, and which we do not like due to pointed edges.

There is a small calf rest on the seat, however, this frustratingly only goes up and not down. It means that an older child has to tuck their feet underneath the calf rest in order to reach the footrest. The positive side to the calf rest extension is that it does give the advantage of a deeper seat for an older child, which means whilst they have to dangle their feet, they can’t reach the floor which is great news if your little one is used to ‘paddling’ their buggy along with their feet.

The Mee-Go Feather comes with a flexible, padded bumper bar with a colour coded cover. This has a rudimentary push button release, which makes it easy to release and refit. It is great to see the bumper bar included in the package.

Hood, Raincover, Footcover and Storage

The Feather has a large hood. It is a stretchy fabric which can be pulled all the way forwards across a child which will protect them from the sun or from rain. It really is huge and is excellent. We like that if desired, the hood could be folded right down, out of the way. This is handy for a situation where your child wants to see what is happening or to see those around them. It also makes the pushchair less babyish for an older child.

The Feather comes with a raincover which is very handy to have. The Feather also comes with a padded footcover, which is a nice touch, especially for a little one. It isn’t as thick or as long as a footmuff, but is the perfect size for a baby, and extra blankets can easily be popped inside to keep a little one snuggly and warm.

There is a medium sized basket under the Feather, however, the access to the basket is fairly limited and only smaller bags would fit in. However, the sides could be unpoppered to put in a larger changing bag, however you probably wouldn’t want to do this often.

Handlebars, Handling, Wheels and Brake

The handlebar is covered in dense foam. The handlebar is a good height when the seat is forward facing – we would even go so far as to say it is a little tall for me at 5ft 6ins – which will be a breath of fresh air for the taller parent because most lightweight strollers have a low handlebar. The handlebar is also fairly upright, which we prefer. It makes you feel close to your child too.
We enjoyed using the Feather forward facing. It is neat and narrow and unobtrusive in most spaces (unless it is bright pink like ours, and then it stands out in a crowd!)
The handle is moved across the pushchair, between forward and reverse modes, by pulling upwards on sliders situated on each side of the pushchair.
In parent facing mode, the handle is lower and we found it more tricky to push because of the angle. The ‘front’ swivel wheels, are now at the rear, which makes steering very difficult. You can get better at rear steering with practice, but its easier to take a minute to lock the rear wheels and use the pushchair with four fixed position wheels. The pushchair felt heavier in parent facing, and it was tricky to get up kerbs when parent facing too.
We only used the Feather on smoother surfaces. We see this as an urban pushchair, although with all the wheels locked, it would manage mown grass.
The only concern is that the Feather is so light when empty, that it kept blowing away during our photoshoot. The pushchair is light for a reason, but just be aware of this especially with a little one in the seat.
The brake is rudimentary, but sometimes simple is best! It is a handbrake situated at the side of the pushchair. Having the brake at the side, means that it doesn’t matter which position the handlebar is in, you still have easy access to put the brake on. Simply pull the lever up to engage the brake, and press the button in to release it.


The Feather fold is incredibly easy to do one handed. In the centre of the handlebar is a slider button with a red / green ‘open/lock’ indicator on it. Slide the slider to the left so that the green ‘open’ is on view. Then press in the large grey button underneath the handlebar. Push down and the Feather neatly slides together into a brilliant freestanding position. This one piece freestanding fold is one of the big positives about the Feather. It makes this pushchair very easy to store as it stands neatly in a gap or behind a sofa. The light weight means that we haven’t worried about a child pulling the pushchair over at all either. The negative of the fold is that the fold size is large. For example, the Feather would not fit shortways in our car boot, so it had to lie lengthways. The advantage of the light weight was that we found it easy to move to stand the Feather up on its side at the back of the boot rather than it being laid flat, which left the boot still mainly free for shopping etc. However, do check the fold size before purchasing especially if you have a small car boot.

We find the Feather more tricky to open with one hand, but it is possible with a good flick forwards. Repeat the steps above with the slider button and grey button. Then flick the pushchair out and forwards as hard as you can go. We do push down on the side of the chassis to ensure that everything is clicked firmly into position, but this could easily be checked by leaning slightly on the frame as you pop your little one into the seat. Practice makes perfect.
The Feather can only be folded with the handlebar in the position so that the seat is forward facing.

In Conclusion

The Mee-Go Feather is named after its core feature – the super light weight chassis. However the Feather also comes a strong chassis and a one handed fold. We like that the Feather looks smarter than a standard buggy, and has a huge hood which gives excellent protection from the elements. The light weight makes the Feather really simple to pick up and carry which is a huge bonus for a from birth pushchair. The rear facing option is a handy feature for occasional use, however, we would recommend using this pushchair mainly forward facing. We particularly love the freestanding fold and large seat. We love the extras – the raincover, bootcover and bumper bar We think the Mee-Go Feather is a good option if weight is important to you, or for travelling with. We are pleased to award the Mee-Go Feather a Best Buggy 4 Gold Star rating.

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