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Bugaboo Chameleon 2007 Model Review by DiH

I love my Bug, really really love it. It’s fairly old now but still trundling along and I still love it.

The newborn Pram was wonderfully cosy for my November baby, keeping her snug all through our long winter walks the hood provided excellent shade on the sunnier days keeping the sun out of baby’s eyes. There is the option of buying adaptors for a MaxiCosi infant carrier, we rarely used them but they were very handy to travel abroad with as we had both a  pushchair and a car seat with us.

The child seat is very comfortable with the three seat positions and the Bugaboo cosy toes really makes it very warm and comfortable for children. Either of my two children still sleep very easily in the Bug and the higher seating position means they have a very good view of everything around them.

The suspension is excellent and the tyres have lasted all these years with only one puncture. We reguklarly go offroad in the Bug and over some quite rough terrain and have never had a problem, we have also coped well with snow and ice too.

The underseat shopping storgae is excellent  and really roomy, though can be a little hard to access while the pram is in use and also when the puschair seat is upright, you do get used to this though.

Folded down, it’s still pretty big though it easily fits in our estate car, I wouldn’t like to be using buses that require pushchairs to be folded though, you do need both hands to fold the Bug.

I would highly recommend the Bug to anyone, I have loved it and was quite sad to have to stop using it for a while and have to use a double pushchair, though I now see Bugaboo are making a double which I wish they had a couple of years ago. I walk everywhere with my kids and the Bug has really stood the test of time. I can also praise very highly Bugaboo’s customer service they have been highly responsive and understanding whenever I have been in contact with them.

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