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iCandy Peach – Tall & Large Seat!

These photos were taken because I am constantly hearing people say that the iCandy Peach seat is small but it is not!!

The iCandy Peach has a feature which is pretty unique on a pushchair – the hood slides easily up the chassis allowing a smaller child to be snug and warm or shaded under the large hood, but equally allows room for a taller toddler to have headroom too. If that headroom is still not enough then the hood unzips at the back which allows the hood to slide up the chassis even further!! The photos show this feature clearly if you look at the chrome at the side of the hood. The lowest position is shown, along with the highest position that the hood can be with the zip done up at the rear of the hood. The highest hood positions are achieved by unzipping the hood. Admittedly this does leave a gap at the rear of the hood. Bear in mind we took these photos to the absolute extreme and at even a few cms higher could give a child additional room. But as you will see from the other photos, the child has to be extremely tall to need the zip undone at the rear!

Also in the UK at present, the iCandy Peach comes with the liner already zipped in. People often don’t realise that this can easily be zipped out and removed to give a toddler several more centimetres width, height and depth wise. The main seat with the liner removed is a huge 50cms which is one the tallest seat backs we have measured.

The footrest is also adjustable. Again it can sit up high for a baby, or can be adjusted down low for an older toddler. My daughter likes to dangle her feet (on every pushchair!) and so the footrest can be moved out of the way so she can do so, but importantly, she can’t touch the ground in the Peach.

Sadly at 99cms tall, and just a few days shy of her 3rd birthday, she doesn’t fit into the iCandy Peach footmuff. But our new Buggysnuggles fit great onto the Peach (we had to unzip the hood to fit them).

But even at almost 3 years old, our daughter has loads of room in the Peach seat unit. We still have the liner in place and the hood is usually zipped on the back for her still (we slide the hood up the frame each time we set the pushchair up). She is very comfortable and loves the Peach. Just to add, her favourite seat in Blossom mode is the lower seat, and she will always ask to go in the lower seat!!


Here is our now 3.4 year old daughter in the main Peach seat unit. She is now 102cms tall and on the 91st centile for her age. As you can see, she looks incredibly comfortable in the seat unit, and as you can see, her head is still a fair way from the top of the seat. She doesn’t need the hood unzipped at the back as yet, and as you can see the liner is still in place, plus what you can not see, is that she has loads of room still in the harness to grow.


We have removed the liner and unzipped the hood for these latest photos. The girl is 3.5 years old and the same height as before. But removing the seat liner does give her more room! Please bear in mind she has a thick winter coat on in the latest photos.

We have been told that the newer Peach 3 / Peach 2016 hoods do not stay up when pushed up the frame without undoing the zip. We have found that some stay pushed up, but others do slide down again unless the zip is undone.

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