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Bugaboo Donkey Review by Jade

After much debate and months of research before my second baby was born, I finally decided to go for the Bugaboo Donkey Duo to use with my just turned 2 year old and new born. I had understood the ‘cons’ of the pushchair before buying. I.e smaller seat widths, maybe not being able to get through doors, needing a huge car to transport it round in etc. However I have yet to find one flaw that makes this pram something to quibble about.

Its fantastic. Although obviously as a double it is a larger pushchair it is a dream to push, so light and turns at the slightest touch. No problem at all even with my rather large 2 year old. No lagg to one side and no problem up hills and curbs. its brilliant in that department.

The seats also are not an issue. As I said my 2 year old is on the taller side of children and he had plenty of growth room under the canopy/hood and i could get a fist either side of him even with his huge winter all in one coat. So yeah plenty of room for growth over the next 2 years. Also the seats have plenty of leg room and enough space on the foot rest for larger feet.

The fact that I can have my carseat attached to the pram in one simple click has been a life saver for me. When my little boy is sleeping, there is no need to wake him to put him in the carrycot. Just had a seat for my bigger boy and click the carseat on the frame and your off. Also I love that I have the option to have either seat facing me or away. great for when my little one is bigger. My 2 year old likes to look out but I will want my baby to see me etc. And the carrycots are a great size, length and width wise.

Using the pram as a single is also a huge bonus. There have been a few occasions where I only have the baby and this totally solves the issue of needing an extra pram for these few times. And will also have to add that in the flesh the side basket does not look silly or odd and is in actual fact, fantastic for shopping, I totally love that thing ;-)

I have yet to find a single door that I can not fit through, other than my front door. However this isnt an issue as i just load my toddler in the pram push it outside and click on the baby. simple and actually not an extra amount of fuss. (This was my main issue)

The colours are great you can choose your own. I decided on sand bases and black hoods and aprons. I also bought a black Bugaboo footmuff, which is like a bed. its SO thick and I can zip it up all the way to my toddlers neck and even in these cold days, he com es out sweating lol…. So another great buy there.

The handle comes out a very long way and goes down very very low so perfect for any height person

NOW FOR THE BIGGEST ISSUE – can it fit in the boot and will I need a bus to transport it?? NO!!!! If you could spare an extra minute and pop it in the mono mode and take of the wheels, you CAN fit it in a small boot. I got the whole thing in  VW polo…. And that’s a normal size boot. Simple hatchback….Not a problem at all… :-)

So for me, this pram is epic and an complete must if you have 2 children of pram ages. In the last 2 years since I had my first I have had 16 prams and this is BY FAR the best bit of kit I’ve owned..Its perfect in every way. Well done Bugaboo and thank you for my brilliant pram…..







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