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Bugaboo Donkey – Mono – with Children

These are the children in the Bugaboo Donkey in Mono ie single mode.

The girl is aged 3.3 years old and is 102cms tall and wears age 4-5 clothes.

The boy is 18 months old and is 81cms tall (50th centile)

As the photos show, both children sit very comfortably in the seat unit. The hood has been raised a little by fixing the hood higher up on the chassis. Most noticeably the girl has plenty of leg room with her feet being very comfortably on the footrest without feeling the need to dangle her legs (as she usually does). The seat was very easy to recline one handed even with her weight in it.

I will be honest and say that the Donkey has surprised us all with how roomy the seats are. If we had known how much space there was for our eldest even as a tall 3 year old, we would have bought a Donkey months ago.

Our only criticism is that the upright position is very upright for a younger baby but yet the first recline notch seems a little too reclined. Our boy wanted to be sat upright and was trying to pull himself up when semi reclined, but yet he could really have done with being reclined just a few degrees more. The very upright position meant he refused to nap (even when transferred from the car asleep he was awake within a few minutes!!) and this led to an overtired little boy – although admittedly he had a wonderful time and a great view of the world!

The final photo shows the girl sitting in the seat unit on the ground. We used to find this useful with our Cameleon for feeding her on a picnic when she was smaller.

Many Thanks to Bugaboo and to Sam for their help in doing this review.

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