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Bugaboo Donkey – Twin

Here are some photos of the Bugaboo Donkey in Twin mode ie with two carrycots on.

The Mono Donkey package comes with one frame, one seat fabric and one carrycot fabric, mattress and apron. (plus other bits & pieces).

The Twin Donkey package comes with two frames, two seat fabrics and two carrycot fabrics, mattresses and aprons (plus other bits & pieces).

For siblings a Duo package comprising of the Mono package plus a Duo extension kit – with the additional frame and seat fabrics and sun canopy.

The carrycot fabric attaches to the frame using velcro tabs. The hood simply attaches on and the carrycot apron zips on at the end and then fastens at each side with velcro tabs. The carrycot apron is very good because it will not fall off but yet allows excellent and quick access to the baby. The carrycot is nicely lined inside. The carrycots appear long but the middle does appear a little narrow. But it should be more than adequate for a 6 month old baby.

The package also includes the bumper bar for the seat which doubles up as the carrycot handle.

The Bugaboo Donkey carrycot is approved for overnight sleeping and has a hard wooden base with an included ventilated mattress.

The “other bits and pieces” include the underseat and side baskets, the sun canopy wires and hoods, the raincovers, and an air pump.

Please note that the carrycots must only parent face, and not outward face.

Many Thanks to Bugaboo and to Sam for their help in doing this review.

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