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Bugaboo Wheeled Board – Bugaboo Donkey

This a photoset of the Bugaboo Wheeled Board.

The Bugaboo Wheeled board comes with two sets of adapators in the box – one for the Bugaboo Bee, and one for the Bugaboo Cameleon. The Donkey attachment is an extra option.

The adaptor screwed onto the Donkey chassis using screws and the supplied screw driver. It took a few minutes to fix.

An elasticated toggle strap is attached to the chassis using two velcro tabs. The board is then attached – this is very simple to do – simply click on. The toggle is then pushed through the hole in the Bugaboo board and stored in a small holder underneath. The board should be placed upright and the toggle then needs pulling taught. The wheeled board can then be lowered ready for a child to stand on. The toggle allows the wheeled board to be pushed upright for storage when not in use. How exactly the board gets stored does depend on the mode that the Donkey is in, as the photos show. But even when the board was semi down, it did not get in our way.

We found it was easiest to push the Donkey with the wheeled board on with the handle fairly high. Our daughter popped her head through the handle and after some trial and error we put the handle so she could lean on it as we walked.

The wheeled board was simple to remove for folding and in the car. We were unable to work out a way to fold the Donkey with the board in situ, but it may well be possible on the other Bugaboo pushchairs.

Our only disappointment was that there was only one set of screws in the box, which meant that we could not attach the Wheeled board to both the Donkey and our Bee at the same time, and therefore easily swap between both pushchairs.

Many Thanks to Bugaboo and to Sam for their help in doing this review.

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