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Bugaboo Donkey v’s First Wheels City Twin v’s Love ‘n’ Care TwinGo


This set of photos shows three twin pushchairs with reversible seats. From left to right are the Bugaboo Donkey, the First Wheels City Twin and the Love ‘n’ Care Twingo. There is another pushchair similar to these which we have reviewed, called the Twins Freestyle Cool, which would be worth looking at as well if this type of double pushchair is of interest to you.

This photoset is purely to give an idea of size and proportion of these pushchairs. There is a huge difference in quality, features, price etc so I am not going to try to compare these pushchairs here.

There is a lot more about all these pushchairs under the individual pushchair pages.

The girl in the photos is 3.4 years old and approx 102cms tall. We are aware she is not harnessed in and these photos are for guidance only (it was very cold!). There are better photos for size guidance on the pages for the individual pushchairs. We were unable to do the harness up on the First Wheels City Twin with her in the seat. The girl barely fitted in the First Wheels City Twin, fits ok in the Love ‘N’ Care Twingo, but fits best in the Bugaboo Donkey. Please bear in mind she is really the maximum age for using these pushchairs.

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