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Bugaboo Bee Plus v’s iCandy Cherry

This photoset shows the Bugaboo Bee Plus (Limited All Black Edition) side by side with the iCandy Cherry.

Just a few points to note.

The iCandy Cherry has a fixed height handle bar; the Bugaboo Bee Plus has an adjustable handlebar.

The iCandy Cherry seat unit is not suitable from birth, but a carrycot is available. The Bugaboo Bee Plus is suitable from birth with the use of the Bugaboo Cocoon to flatten the seat out. The Bugaboo Bee Plus seat cleverly extends so that it ‘grows’ with your child. The harness is attached to the seat back and so ‘grows’ with your child. Therefore there is no need to adjust the harness height settings.

The Bee seat back lies flatter, so that the angle between the legs and back of your child changes. The Cherry keeps your child in the same position in the seat, but tilts them to recline. The Cherry has an adjustable calf / foot rest. The Bee does not.

Both pushchairs can face in either direction. The Cherry is easier to simply lift the seat and turn. The Bee seat is a little fiddly to do.

The Cherry is wider at the rear, the Bee is wider at the front.

Both pushchairs have good sized baskets but the Bee one is accesed via the front, and the Cherry one from both front or back depending on where the seat is placed

The iCandy Cherry is a 2 piece fold. The Bugaboo Bee is a one piece fold with the seat in either direction. However the seat of the Bee is flipped up when you open the pushchair, thus it is still a 2 step open.

For full reviews on both pushchairs, please see the “Single Pushchairs” section and the respective pages.

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