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iCandy Peach 2009 Review by WL

As a first time mum, knowing nothing about prams I did lots of research and ended up buying the iCandy Peach pram/pushchair combination. I had no idea at the time that icandy had such a good reputation; I bought the Peach purely based on its performance, as it was the one that fit my requirements. I have extremely high standards and I have not been disappointed.

I wanted a buggy that I could use as a proper pram (not just a fold-down seat) and a pushchair for when my baby was older. I didn’t want it to be too heavy and above all else, it had to be easy to dissemble and fit in the car boot. The Peach fit did all of this perfectly.

I bought the Peach pram unit and used this for my newborn until he was about 5 months. He used to have his naps downstairs in this while at home too until he was 6 months. The pram is generously sized, has a good fitting mattress and looks comfortable.

The Peach main seat unit is very comfortable and cosy looking. It has a padded liner (which can be removed when the toddler is older to provide more space) and with the foot muff fitted, it’s very snug and warm. It has multiple 3 recline settings, which are good if baby wants to sleep. I found the seat belt to be small fitting and even at 18 months, my son had to be squeezed in, I do believe they have corrected this now.

There are numerous foot positions and a generous sized hood. There are 3 different handle heights, so it caters for everyone. The basket is a very good size and is easily accessible.

I also bought maxi-cosi adaptors and regularly used these to push my baby around in his car seat. A great addition, as it saved me waking him for a 10-minute pop to the shops!

The seat or pram unit are removed from the chassis for folding but this is very easy to do. There’s a shoulder strap on the chassis to make carrying it easier too, although I’ve never used this myself. Having used this for 2 babies now, it still looks and works fantastically well.

I absolutely love the Icandy Peach, it has been my best baby buy ever and would recommend it without hesitation.

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