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Bugaboo Donkey Review Update

We liked the Bugaboo Donkey so much during our review period, that we bought our own Donkey.

We bought a Donkey mainly because after the initial review, more or less out of the blue, our daughter really wanted to parent face!

This photoset shows how the Donkey arrived in its boxes, and also there are some photos here of our Donkey out and about. The children were aged 3 and a half (102 cms tall) and approx 22 months (83.5cms tall). The hoods are Electric Blue.

The Donkey is still fantastic to push even with two older toddlers on board. Our eldest despite being tall for her age, still looks really comfy in the Donkey seat unit. We have loved pushing it.

The Donkey also looks fabulous. The fabrics, styling etc are all perfect. We are loving our new limited edition electric blue hoods. We certainly get heads turning as we walk down the street.

What we haven’t liked so much is the fold – its big even in Mono mode. We have found the Donkey easiest to store on its side but even then it takes up too much room really in our home.

We also still find the Mono to Duo conversion tricky. The clips only click into place in a precise place and we have been known to tip the Donkey upside down to try to find the notches where the clips drop into. Sadly the Donkey doesn’t live up to the ideal of being able to do a quick conversion. In our perfect world, the Donkey would be permanently set up in Duo mode, ready to go, and that would be fabulous. But for that, we need a bigger house!

We also find the basket small for the size of the pushchair. We can only get 3-4 bags of groceries in the underneath basket partly because the extending bar obstructs access, plus the basket is shallow with only a small deeper part. We love having the side basket in single mode.

But the beauty of the Donkey combined with the ease of pushing is why we love it. Sadly though our double days are coming to an end, and for us, the Donkey feels too large to use as a single. To be honest when we need to, we will swap it for a Cameleon – maybe even a Cameleon 3!

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