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iCandy Peach – Growing With Your Child

This set of photos has been inspired by people saying that their 6/9/12/15 month old is outgrowing the iCandy Peach seat.

I hope that this set of photos serves to show how the same child grows across time – from being 19 months old (in the red Peach) where she does look as if she fills the seat (!) - on through the following 2 years – until in the last photo (in the red coat) where she is aged 3 years and 5 months old (102 cms tall).

Note that in ALL the photos, the shoulder height harness is on the middle setting. Her shoulder height has not moved across 2 years.

In the last photo, only, the seat liner has been removed. To be fair, the liner should have been removed before, but she usually rides in the lower Blossom seat, and the main seat – the one in the photos – is usually her younger brothers seat.

Equally at the age of almost 3 and a half, she is not a regular rider in the Peach, and these photos are really for illustration purposes.

We think that in the last photo of the set, where she is almost 3 and a half, she looks very comfortable in the seat unit – she has plenty of head room, plenty of depth and width in the seat. If anything the Peach footrest bar is maybe a little curved and shallow for her feet – but she also has size 11 feet at the age of 3 – which to be honest is not normal for a 3 year old! She is also in age 5-6 clothes from Next as a guide. She’s tall (91st centile)!

Ages in each photo

First two photos in red Peach: Aged 19 months

Peach Blossom 2 at the Beach & with the Striped Blanket & iCandy World: Aged 2 years 7 months

With the pink t-shirt and white / pink top: Aged 2 years 9 months

With the white top with 2 cats on: Aged 2 years 11 months

With the pink striped dress on: Aged 3 years 4 months

With the red coat and fairy embroidered jeans: 3 years 4 months – 102cms tall

With the red coat and pink stripey socks: Aged 3 years 5 months – 102cms tall


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