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iCandy Peach Review by Hannah

I bought the i candy peach sweat pea it was my first child and i was having a boy and instantly fell in love with it the style colour had total wow factor and stood out. i was amazed by it and never seen one before :)

 When i bought it and started using it, it was lightweight smooth to push and its the nicest pram I’ve ever pushed which there has been way to many (I’m fussy) it was sturdy and the carry cot was really comfortable for my LO. When turning into the buggy my LO loved it the hood come down lower enough to stop the wind in his face and cosy toes kept him lovely and warm. the best part about it was that i could have the seat facing me which made me feel comfortable and the different reclining stages were perfect.

I have used my i candy for a year in total i had a few problems after having it 7months with the handle height adjustment. My pram was sent back to i candy and was fixed they were brilliant until my pram came back whilst i was on holidays, it had all scratches down the on side of the pram where it had been fixed and some of the i candy sign had gone due to those scratches :( the shop i had it from had been informed when the pram came back by my parents so when i got back from my holidays i send the pictures to the owner of the shop and as it took me a week (as i was on holidays in total for a fortnight) to send the pictures they couldn’t do nothing about it. i wasn’t happy with this as i paid over a £1000 for it and looked after the pram and i got in contact with i candy regarding it and had no reply! :@

Overall the pram is fantastic could make the seat a bit longer as my son hasn’t got a lot of room left in it but 10/10 for the pram just hope it don’t brake!

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