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Bugaboo Bee v’s Bugaboo Cameleon with 3 Year Old

We often get asked which Bugaboo is better for an older child. These photos show a tall 3 year 10 month old in both the Bugaboo Bee and the Bugaboo Cameleon seats. She is 103cms tall and on the 91st centile for her age.

These photos show that the girl fits the Bee better than the Cameleon. However, the Cameleon hood can easily be removed. 
Personally, we prefer the framed seat with good leg support for a younger child / baby. For long days out, we used the Cameleon for both children when they were under 2.  The Bee is more of a “nip in and out” of somewhere pushchair for us. The Cameleon is definitely better to push, but bigger when folded. However the Cameleon fold is flatter, and would fit underneath the roof of our convertible car, whereas the curved bars of the folded Bee meant that it would not fit. We love the one piece fold of the Bee, with the seat facing in either direction. Both pushchairs are favourites of ours.

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