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Bugaboo Buffalo – All Terrain Photographs from Bugaboo

These photos are of the Bugaboo Buffalo, which is the latest addition to the Bugaboo menagerie of animal-named pushchairs!

The Bugaboo Buffalo is an all terrain, single pushchair. The Buffalo has four chunky air tyres on a sturdy frame. The Bugaboo Buffalo has a large, high seat for a child. The Buffalo had a large extendable hood to give your child good protection from sun, wind and cold. The Buffalo can also carry a lot of luggage, both in its roomy underseat basket, but also from a bag clip on each handlebar. The Bugaboo Buffalo can easily be converted into two wheel mode to be pulled through or over more difficult terrain like mud, sand or snow.

Please see our other Bugaboo Buffalo pages here on Best Buggy, for further information on this all-terrain new stroller.


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