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iCandy Peach / Peach Jogger / Strawberry Mix and Match!!


Here are a few photos showing how the iCandy Peach, Peach Jogger and Strawberry hoods and liners can interchange. I often get asked if a Peach Jogger liner can go onto a Peach, or if Peach 1 and Peach 2 liners / hoods can be swapped.

This is a Peach seat with a Strawberry hood on. As the photos show, the Strawberry hood (left) is a little smaller than the Peach one (right) thus, it is sitting a little uneven on the Peach chassis. However sliding the hood up a little bit on one side straightens this up.

The black liner is a Peach Jogger one, and the red liner is a Strawberry one – both on the Peach.

So get mixing and matching your iCandy accessories!!

(Just be aware this may not be possible with the older Peach 1 pushchairs as the liners / hoods were changed)

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