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Baby Jogger City Mini GT v’s Baby Jogger City Versa GT v’s Baby Jogger City Select

This photoset shows the Baby Jogger City Mini GT (left, red), side by side with the Baby Jogger City Versa GT (middle, black), and the Baby Jogger City Select (right, purple).

This photoset is designed simply to show the relative size of these pushchairs.

There is a huge amount of information on all these pushchairs here on Best Buggy, both in the single and tandem pushchairs sections, but also in the “Side by Side Comparisons” section.

The Baby Jogger City Versa GT and Baby Jogger City Select both have ‘framed’ pushchair seats, and the seat can be lifted off and reversed, so that the child can forward or parent face. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT has a ‘hammock’ seat. This is where fabric is attached to the frame. The seat on the City Mini GT can only forward face.

The Versa GT and City Select both have seats which recline via a lever / button at the rear of the seat. The Versa GT has 3 recline positions. The City Select has 4 recline positions. The City Mini GT seat reclines via a toggle to any degree desired. We have not been able to show all the possible seating configurations here, but we have tried to give a flavour of what each pushchair can do.

The City Select can have an extra seat added to form a tandem pushchair. The holes above the front wheels on the City Select are where the adaptors go for the second seat. These do have covers. The City Select seat can forward face in either upper or lower position. Rear facing, the City Select will only fit in the upper position.

The Versa and City Select seats are both suitable from 6 months and the City Mini GT seat is suitable from birth. All of these pushchairs have carrycot and car seat options to form a travel system. All these pushchairs have a bumper / belly bar or snack tray as an optional extra.

The “GT” of the City Mini GT and Versa GT initially relates to the off road wheels. There are also a City Mini and a Versa with more urban wheels (and slight other differences). In a nutshell the Versa and Versa GT are very similar with more information here. There are more differences between the City Mini and City Mini GT. This link will tell you more.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT and Versa GT have adjustable rotating handlebars. The City Select has an extending handlebar.

The City Select and Versa GT both have adjustable footrests i.e. can be made longer, and can rotate. The hood on the City Select is on the upper of two settings in these photos.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT and Versa GT have amazing one handed folds. The City Select is a two handed fold.
The seats of the Versa GT and the City Select can be removed for storage, or left on to form a one piece fold.

The girl is aged 4 years 7 months old (107cms tall, 91st centile) and the boy is 2 years 10 months old (87.5cms tall, 9th centile).
All the seat measurements are here on Best Buggy.

With many thanks to Nurseryland, Wakefield for the loan of their Baby Jogger City Select.

We must apologise for the poor focus on some of these photos. Our camera isn’t very happy at present! Also, please forgive us as we did not have time to stop and adjust all the harnesses correctly for each child. It was the end of a very long day of photographs!

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