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Bugaboo Buffalo v’s Bugaboo Cameleon

These photos are of the Bugaboo Buffalo (blue hood) side by side with the Bugaboo Cameleon (brown and black).

These photos are designed to give an idea of size proportion of the Buffalo compared to the Cameleon.
Please note that there are both a Cameleon 2 and Cameleon³ in these photos.

We understand that the Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon have the same width – 60cms wide.
The Buffalo seat we believe to be 10cms higher than the Cameleon seat.
The Buffalo has an extra panel in the hood. This unzips from the rear of the hood, and thus gives a larger canopy.

The fold photos at the bottom of the page first of all show the most compact fold of both pushchairs i.e. with the wheels off. The lower photos show the two pushchairs folded with the wheels on. Both pushchairs have the seat removed from the chassis for the fold. The Buffalo can be folded with the seat left on the chassis, in either direction. TheBuffalo can be folded so that it is stood upright at the end of the fold, or it can be folded to the floor and then stood upright.

Please see our other Bugaboo photosets for more information on both of these pushchairs.

With many thanks to Nurseryland, Wakefield, and to Tim from Bugaboo for allowing us to take these photos.

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