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Bugaboo Pendleton Collection – 2013 Special Edition

Introducing the Bugaboo Pendleton Collection Special Edition!

Bugaboo have teamed up with the U.S. based Pendleton Woolen Mills to produce three different accessory sets (tailored fabric sets & sun canopy) for the Bugaboo Bee, the Bugaboo Donkey, the Bugaboo Cameleon³ (compatible with the Cameleon+). Bugaboo are also including an original Pendleton woollen woven blanket to match each of the tailored fabric sets.

The Pendleton Woolen mills are located in Oregon in the US. The 100 year old company produces fabrics which are inspired by Native American patterns.

Each pushchair will have its own unique printed sun canopy, apron (if appropriate) and a matching Pendleton blanket. The blankets are 100% wool and are 118 x 92 cms.

The Bugaboo Donkey has the beautiful red & black McGregor Tartan which is known as Rob Roy. The blanket matches the tartan pattern of the hood.
The RRP is £189 for the Donkey Accessory set or £109.95 for the Donkey Sun Canopy on it own.

The Bugaboo Cameleon³ has the “Crossroads” design. This grey ‘cross’ design, reflects First Nations teaching and the power of the four compass directions – East (Warrior), West (Visionary), North (Teacher) and South (Healer).
In the centre of pattern is the ‘Medicine Wheel’ where these directions meet and achieve balance together. The crosses in the centre represents the place where an individual becomes whole.
The blanket is striped in shades of red and purple.
The RRP is £189 for the Cameleon³ Accessory Set.

The Bugaboo Bee Sun Canopy has the “Spirit of the Peoples” design which was created in 2009 to celebrate 100 years of the Pendleton Woolen Mills. The red and blue pattern is designed to embrace everyone who has been connected to the brand – employees, retailers, customers etc.
The blanket is striped in shades of blue, red and grey.
The RRP is £109.95 for the Bee Accessory Set.

The Bugaboo Pendleton special collection will be available in-store in September 2013 for just 6 months.

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