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Explanation of the iCandy Peach Blossom 1, 2 and 3 Convertor Bars and Elevators

This post is to explain the 3 different sets of iCandy Peach Blossom convertor bars.

iCandy Peach Blossom 1 and 2

The first photo shows the iCandy Peach Blossom 1 and 2 convertor bars. The Peach Blossom 1 bars are shorter, and are in the top of this first photo. The Peach Blossom 2 convertor bars are longer, and have a longer plastic section at the top, and a small ‘fin’ at the bottom where they attach. The release buttons on the top of the Peach Blossom 1 convertor bars are black; the release buttons on the top of the Peach Blossom 2 convertor bars are grey.
These convertor bars have a socket at each end for each seat. They attach into the centre seat socket and then clip onto the basket chassis.

The Peach Blossom 1 convertor bars and the Peach Blossom 2 convertor bars are fundamentally different.
The Peach Blossom 1 convertor bars converge towards the rear of the pushchair, thus the spacing for the lower seat, lower carrycot, or the lower car seat adaptors is narrower, than the width of the main seat at the front.
The Peach Blossom 2 convertor bars in contrast run in parallel. Thus the space between the rear seat sockets, and the front seat sockets is the same. Thus there is only need for one Blossom carrycot, because the same one fits in both positions on the pip convertor 2 bars.

The Peach 2 convertor bars must only be fitted to a Peach 2 or 3 chassis or to a Peach 1 which has had the basket extended.

iCandy Peach Blossom 3

The Peach Blossom 3 uses a completely different system. The iCandy Peach 3 single strollers come with a pair of elevators in the box. These are the curved bars at the bottom of the third photo. The elevators can also be bought separately as an accessory. The elevators can be used on any single Peach pushchair – on the 1, 2 or 3 versions. These elevators are designed to lift the front seat nearer to the parent in single mode.

In order to convert the Peach 3 (or a Peach 2 or a 1 with an extended basket) into a double pushchair (Peach Blossom), pairs of pip convertors are required. These are the adaptors in the fourth photo. The smaller pip convertor (on the left) fits at the front of the Peach chassis to allow the lower seat to rear face. The larger pip convertors (on the right) fit at the rear of the Peach stroller to allow the rear seat to forward face.
These pip convertors have a slide off front to allow them to be wrapped around the chassis, before being closed up. Once fitted, these pip convertors all can be left in situ for folding if required. The elevators however need removing for folding.

It is important to understand that although the elevators can be used with any of the single Peach pushchairs, they MUST NOT be stacked on top of Peach 1 or 2 convertor bars. The Peach 3 elevators have only been safety tested for use in the configurations shown in the iCandy instruction booklets.



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