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Bugaboo Andy Warhol 2014 Accessory Packs – Sun Canopy & Tote Bag

The final Bugaboo collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation is on its way!
This final Andy Warhol Collection featuring the famous pop artist’s work is named “retrospective” and looks at artwork from different periods of time.
This final Andy Warhol collection for Bugaboo will be released to retailers in November 2014, with a limited amount being released to online retailers in December 2014.

The final Bugaboo Andy Warhol Collection is being released as an accessory pack of a sun canopy and a matching tote bag, for the Bugaboo Cameleon3, Donkey, Buffalo and for the Bugaboo Bee3.

The four designs are:

  • Based on the pop art Marilyn Monroe print;
  • A redesign of the Banana print, which has already been seen here, and also here on the pushchair of Axl Duhamel;
  • A Butterflies design on a white background;
  • A Transport design, which features ships, motorcycles, planes etc. in a mix of colours – orange, turquoise, purple, pale blue etc. on a printed background of maps and grey globe prints.

The tote bag will be in the main fabric print. The customer can choose whether to have the printed Andy Warhol design on the outside, or on the inside of the hood except on the Marilyn Monroe hood.
The sun canopy is extending.

Thus the following combinations will be available:

Black fabric on the outside / printed fabric inside
Printed fabric inside / black fabric outside

Marilyn Monroe
Printed fabric on the outside only with a choice of black or orange fabric inside

Royal blue or dark grey fabric on the outside / printed fabric inside
Printed fabric on the outside / royal blue or dark grey fabric inside

Ice blue or Soft pink fabric on the outside / printed fabric inside
Printed fabric on the outside / soft pink or ice blue fabric inside.

Note: the hoods are not reversible – the choice of where the printed fabric is i.e. inside or outside, needs to be made before purchasing. There are no carrycot aprons available. These fabric packs contain only the sun hoods and the tote bags.

The bags all have the printed fabric on the outside.

The RRP of the accessory pack (sun canopy and tote bag) is £115.

Photos used with kind permission from the photographer.

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