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iCandy Peach 3 and Peach Blossom 3 Review by Best Buggy

The iCandy Peach and the iCandy Peach Blossom are probably our personal favourite pushchairs…..but once upon a time we were very critical of the Peach Blossom 1, and as a result, the Peach Blossom 2 was borne. We were fortunate to be able to use the Peach Blossom 2 before anyone else. It arrived at an important time where we were struggling to find a tandem pushchair to suit our needs with two bigger toddlers. This superb version of the Peach pushchair was so good that it forced us to eat our words. We have written SO much about the single and tandem versions of these two pushchairs, that we are not going to do a full review here. We have also previously written a lot about the new Peach Blossom 3, however we are going to do a quick recap, and bring all our reviews up to date.

The Peach 3 essentially is the same as the Peach 1 and Peach 2. Yes there have been some changes and improvements over the years (windows removed from hoods; baskets extended; different fabrics etc.) but the single Peach is in essence the same pushchair. The reason the Peach pushchairs are numbered is because of the Blossom kits. The first Blossom kit (1) has a much smaller rear seat, shorter convertor bars, and no upright seating position. The second Blossom kit (2) has two more equal sized seat units, and the lower seat has the ability to sit upright, on longer Blossom convertor bars. This Blossom 3 kit is quite different. Instead of 2 metal convertor bars, iCandy have used similar technology to the Apple2Pear, and have produced small plastic brackets which slide onto the pushchair chassis. These do not need removing to fold, unlike the older convertor bars. Onto the upper convertors, sit the elevators. These need to be used in tandem mode to lift the front seat away from the lower seat. They can also be used in single mode to bring the seat higher and nearer to you (when parent facing). The elevators come in the box with the single Peach pushchair. The big advantage that these new Peach 3 convertors bring, is that they can be placed so that the seats can either face forwards, or can parent face. Parent facing was not possible with the older convertor bars. For a more detailed look at these convertor bars check out our early review here at Lullaby’s Baby Den and see our photoset here.
The convertors are a little fiddly to fit, but once fitted, you are unlikely to remove them very often. If you do remove them lots, then you quickly become very good at fitting them! The only other detail that is different on the Peach 3, is that the wheels are now black instead of silver. There was the option of a black chassis for some colour ways. The raincover changed to have a black panel in them, and to be easier to fit. Zips for footmuffs were slowly phased out through the lifespan of the Peach 3 too. The footmuffs had a redesign too. One hidden change was in the handlebar. These have been changed internally because of problems in the past, and we are delighted to report that, to date, not one Peach 3 handlebar has been returned to iCandy for repair. Great news!

We have tried the Peach 3 in both single and in tandem modes, with a variety of children of different ages from birth up to 5. With all these children the Peach, and the Peach Blossom 3 has been just as superb as the previous Peach Blossom 2. As the photos show, every child was comfortable, whether the baby in the carrycot, or later on, in the seat unit; or the two older children in Blossom mode. We had no problem pushing around our 3 and 5 year olds on test runs. We went up and down kerbs with the children both forward and rear facing. We liked that the Elevators bring a small child nearer to you when parent facing, although we found the seat without the elevators was a perfect height to have near / under a table with the bumper bar removed. We loved that you could choose the direction that you wanted the children to travel, although it is important to note that parent facing does mean that you can only really see the upper child, as the lower child is hidden behind. In forward facing mode, you can only really see the lower child over the top of their seat.

We struggle to say anything bad about this beautiful looking pushchair. The only issue we had was when putting the car seat onto the pushchair in Blossom mode (not single mode); the convertor bars / car seat adaptors did bend outwards, and it was tricky to manoeuvre a heavy car seat with a 6 month old baby into position. It was necessary to hold the seat, whilst pushing the adaptors back into alignment, so that the seat dropped into place. We preferred the old fixed metal bars for this, as they did not move.

However, overall, the Peach 3 and Peach Blossom 3, are still outstanding in both single and tandem mode. They take some beating. For this reason we are maintaining the Best Buggy 5 Gold star rating for this 3rd generation of the Peach and Peach Blossom pushchairs.

The 2016 Peach and Peach Blossom are essentially also Peach 3 and Peach Blossom 3 pushchairs. The only change has been to the colours and fabrics, including the addition of leatherette handlebars and bumper bars.

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