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iCandy Peach 3 / 2016

These images are of the iCandy Peach 3.

What makes this a Peach 3?
The Peach 3 single stroller itself is essentially the same as the Peach 1 and the Peach 2. There have been slight changes and modifications over the last years (windows in the hood have gone; the liner has changed; the fabrics have changed, extended basket etc.) but fundamentally the Peach 1, 2 and 3 all have the same basis.
The number 1, 2 or 3 relates to the Blossom Kit, which has gone through major transformation across time.

The big difference to the Blossom kit was the addition of new Blossom adaptors. These have given an added benefit to the single Peach – the elevators! The elevators can be used in single mode to lift either the single seat higher, and nearer the parent; or to lift the carrycot higher and nearer. This gives the benefit of better basket access in carrycot mode too.

Why is the 2016 Peach, called “2016″, not a Peach 4?
This is because there has been no fundamental change to the Peach 3 stroller and Blossom kit. There have been cosmetic and slight changes, but not enough to warrant it being called a new number. The changes from the Peach 3 to the Peach 2016 are: new colours; new chassis colours; new leatherette handlebars and bumper bars; a new style harness; and non zip in liners. Information on the 2016 collection and colours are here in our post from iCandy Headquarters.

This photoset shows the Peach 3 both with, and without the elevators (on the pushchair seat, carrycot and with the Kiddy Evo-lunafix infant carrier).
The elevators are shown in the final photo in front of the folded chassis.

Find out more about the Peach 2016 on the iCandy website here.

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