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Exclusive First Look at the New iCandy Peach Luxury Twill and Check Fabrics for 2019

Today marks the start of the huge Nursery Fair, Kind et Jugend in Cologne.

We are very excited to be able to give you an exclusive first look review of the brand new iCandy Peach 2019 in its new luxury Twill fabric in Black on a chrome chassis.
The Black Twill fabric is one of three Twill colourways that iCandy will be producing for 2019. There is also a Grey Twill option which has been paired with the Peach Phantom chassis. iCandy hope to bring out a rich navy colourway but the date is yet to be confirmed.
This new luxury Twill fabric is characterised by a distinctive diagonal pattern which exudes quality and style.

iCandy are also producing a new Check fabric too. This timeless weave gives the Peach a truly classic feel. iCandy are releasing a Navy Check on Phantom Chassis, and a Grey Check on Satin chassis first, with a smart Black Check to follow.

These fabrics are supersoft and are absolutely beautiful to feel. iCandy have continued this move to softer fabrics into their carrycot and also into the footmuff with beautifully soft velour and fur fabrics which are stunning. The carrycot is surrounded by beautiful strokable white velour whilst we could easily have hugged the footmuff all day. Our little tester absolutely loved being in the footmuff, and she snuggled right in.

However, these new iCandy Peaches are not simply about a change of fabric. These stunning fabrics have been complimented by other luxurious touches such as perfect stitchwork on the seat and carrycot and leatherette detailing on the tags and rear of the seat. We particularly love the rear of the seat. iCandy have included a zipped pocket, and a hidden pocket with a press stud enclosure for essentials.┬áThe new 2019 fabrics apparently do not crease when folded. We haven’t had a lot of opportunity to test this theory yet as our fabrics came straight out of the box for testing.
iCandy have added more padding into the seat to make it more comfortable for the child. This is quite noticeable.

iCandy did point out that they have improved the carrycot assembly, although we are sorry to say, that we do not agree! It took over an hour of huffing and puffing to get the carrycot bars to slot into the correct holes, and then to stand upright without pinging back out again. At one point the bar pinged out, straight through the zip and damaged it. It then took ages to undo the zip to swap the carrycot to seat mode! Anyway, we did manage it in the end, but we felt it could be much easier still. It was definitely worth it though

What we do like about the carrycot is the way the apron sits smartly on the top. We had noted in our Peach 2019 review that were not fans of the new fabrics especially the carrycot apron, but we absolutely can not say anything negative about the new Twill carrycot apron. It fits beautifully and looks stunning – much smarter than the previous aprons. The new Twill and Check carrycot aprons have had slim bars added into the fabric to protect the baby. There are also small tags around the carrycot chassis to add protection against the bars etc. of the carrycot. Whilst the carrycot fabric is much softer and more luxurious against the skin of a newborn, it is still be easy to remove to wash.

Underneath the new fabrics remains the stunning classic Peach chassis. They say you never forget your first love, and for us it is the Peach. To this day, there is nothing that pushes as beautifully as a Peach. The feel of the thick Peach handle in your hand as it glides along the pavement is simply divine. It was an absolute pleasure and a joy to get this Peach Twill out on the road and use it for this review. This edition of the Peach has to be one of the finest. It is just so classic and classy. Understated yet perfectly finished. Luxurious and soft – perfect for a little one to rest in.

We have had ever generation of the Peach from the first to this latest edition. What have changed are the smaller details which have all contributed to making the 2019 Peach the best there is. There have been over 60 modifications to date. One of the best has been the swing away bumper bar which has transformed access for children and parents. The height increasers enable your child to be brought nearer to you so that you can interact and make eye contact. The new detachable fabrics allow parents to store parts more easily when not in use, whilst also cutting the cost of requiring different bulky carrycots. The carrycots are also much larger on the last editions of the Peach which gives greater longevity for a baby to stay in the carrycot, to encourage good spine and back development through the first six months of a baby’s life.
We also love that the Peach seat in single mode is certified for up to 25kg which is fantastic for anyone with a larger child or one with additional needs. We loved how easy it was on this Peach Twill to slide the hood up the chassis to make more room for a bigger child.

The Peach 2019 makes it much more economical for growing families who buy a Peach for their first child, but then want to later add on a second seat for a second child. All that is now required to convert the Peach to a Peach Blossom, is a second seat frame, tandem convertors. Later you may require a second set of seat fabrics when you require two seats after the carrycot / seat – baby / toddler phase. The Peach Blossom has always been a stunning pushchair to use. A real head turner as well as being easy to push even when fully loaded with two children and shopping!

As always there are matching bags and footmuffs in the same premium fabrics with the leatherette trims. As mentioned above the footmuffs are lined with super soft fur fabric, which any child will love to snuggle up in during the winter months.
We also must mention how much we love the chrome detailing on the sides of the carrycot, side of the chassis and on the handlebar. The iCandy logo in white is very smart too.

What is quite impressive is that iCandy have made all these improvements, with the premium fabrics and leatherette trims, but have yet maintained the same RRP!

We feel very privileged to have been given this first look at the new Peach 2019 and the beautiful Black Twill fabrics. We think this edition of the Peach is definitely one of the best. It has the luxury, quality and style that we expect from such a premium product in 2019.


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