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Ruk-Bug Migration

These photos are of the prototype of the amazing Ruk-Bug Migration pushchair. The Ruk-Bug Migration is a pushchair that is designed to go anywhere. It has 3 puncture proof tyres, good quality textiles and a 32 litre storage rucksack.

The Ruk-Bug Migration is very lightweight (under 7kgs) and can be folded with one hand and then stored inside the rucksack. This makes it brilliant for travelling with especially as a one handed fold is crucial when you have a crawling baby at a bus stop; or if you need to take one of the flights from Gatwick airport which no longer allow heavy pushchairs to go to the gate. The Migration is also designed for older toddlers who sometimes want to walk, but may get tired on the way home.

The Ruk-Bug Migration boasts an anti-tip design, and is strong with a large seat. Importantly the Ruk-Bug Migration is suitable from birth which is rare to find on a lightweight pushchair for travelling with.

The rucksack can be used as a changing bag and has insulated pockets for bottles. It hangs at the rear of the pushchair which is handy. However we did not get a good look at the rucksack to work out how the pushchair fits inside, nor where the items in the rucksack would go once the Ruk-Bug Migration was packed away ie if there is an inner removable bag.

Ruk-Bug suggest that the Migration will be suitable for example if you reach the top of a flight of stairs and need to go down. We were unable to see how the Migration folds at Harrogate, and so we are very interested to see how easy the fold is; and how easy it is then to carry the Migration down the stairs with a child under the other arm; and then erect the Migration again at the bottom. If the Ruk-Bug Migration works as well as the literature suggests, then the Migration could be a great option for parents living in London who need to use the tube.

Ruk-Bug is a UK company with ethical values and the Migration aims to be environmentally friendly.

The Migration will come in two colour ways – black / silver and burgundy / cream and should be available to buy in September 2012.

Follow the progress of the Ruk-Bug Migration here; here and here!

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