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Ruk-bug – The 2017 Update!

It is 5 years since we first reported on the Ruk-bug Migration pushchair in its very early prototype form. We saw the Ruk-bug again in 2015 in a much more refined stage of development. However since then, we have been fortunate to be able to follow what has been happening with Ruk-bug, and we have watched this small folding pushchair develop into what is now a nearly finished product. Today we can share with you a couple of sneaky photos and information about Ruk-bug as it nears its launch onto the market.

Core behind Ruk-bug is an environmentally forward perspective. The company are working towards a cradle to cradle eco-friendly, full lifecycle strategy where they repair, replace and re-use their products to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of a typical pushchair.

The original concept was the Ruk-Bug Migration which was a pushchair that would be a convenient, portable pushchair which would fold up neatly into a rucksack. That basic concept has been kept but with what is developing to be a small footprint, lightweight full size pushchair which has a unique chassis shape and is pleasing to the eye. The aim is to make a full size pushchair more convenient and portable.
The designer and founder has insisted that the curve of the chassis is maintained to give the pushchair it’s unique style alongside its amazing telescopic fold and superb stability. The way the chassis folds along this curve is unprecedented, and we know that it has led to many manufacturing challenges on the way. These have been overcome and the chassis is now finalised.

The Ruk-bug has a large seat with a shaped liner. There is a fantastic 5 point magnetic buckle on the harness which is so cleverly constructed. We sat playing with the buckle for ages before we worked out exactly what steps needed to be done to open it, so it should be childproof too! The magnets makes fitting the harness simple because the magnets simply pop together – which means no more pinched fingers! There is good adjustability for a small or large child, with holes in the centre of the liner to restrict size for a small baby. We believe that Ruk-bug will be suitable from birth, and we discussed baby nest options which will b available at launch. There will be a footrest for older children, but the seat appears to be deep enough for sleeping feet to be supported whilst travelling. Ruk-bug will over a first class, quality, look and feel when it hits the market later this year.

The designer has been trying out different hood heights and ways to adjust the hood. This version has a higher hood height to a previous one, and the flick out visor will be changed; so we will wait and see how the hood finishes up. There is a zip out extension section in the centre for extra coverage. The ‘halo’ from previous versions has been removed. The handle is adjustable by rotating it up or down using buttons on each side.

The Ruk-bug has had a basket added for storage, with zip access at the rear. This still needs to be finalised, but it will offer a decent amount of storage for a small pushchair. There are other storage options which are still being developed, and we are looking forward to seeing these because the Ruk-bug designer has some really great ideas. One idea already incorporated in the Ruk-bug design are beautiful little magnetic clips for the three types of carrying strap e.g. single shoulder strap, hand carrying, or rucksack style using two straps. These straps tuck up behind the seat fabric at the back, to give a neat look when not in use.

The Ruk-bug stroller is compact and lightweight enough for the pushchair to be carried on your shoulder. The folded package is fairly neat, with the curved frame dictating the fold size. However, the Ruk-bug bucks the trend of tiny folding pushchairs, and offers a full size pushchair with a small fold, which is easy to carry and transport. The fold has several steps but can be done one handed, which makes the Ruk-bug an attractive option for anyone who uses public transport or the tube. There are sturdy wheels which should cope with most every day terrain and a rear footbrake for parking.

Ruk-bug is due out into the market later this year. We will be releasing more information as we receive it so watch this space, we can’t wait to see the finished product with its final anodised chassis finish, and its luxury fabrics.

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