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Ruk-Bug Migration

The Ruk-Bug Migration is finally on the way!
It is 3 years since we last saw the concept of a pushchair which fits into a rucksack, and excitedly, the Ruk-Bug Migration is now going into production.
The Ruk-Bug Migration is designed to be a small folding pushchair which has a rucksack attached to it. When you need to travel, it folds using just one hand, and in one move, and then packs into its own rucksack, so that it can then easily be carried on your back, leaving your hands free to deal with your little ones as they play or toddle along beside you.
Compared to typical pushchairs, the centre of gravity has been moved forwards to prevent the buggy from tipping. This gives a unique style. It is clear that the stroller has come a long way from the prototype version we saw here, in Harrogate in 2012.

Key to the pushchair is the light weight, the strength, and the long term durability of the product. Particular attention has been made to reduce the weight of the textiles. Ruk-Bug have used Spacer fabric to provide a comfortable seat for the child, whilst maintaining an even temperature for them. The special seat fabric allows for air flow through the material in summer, to cool the child, whilst trapping air to keep the child warm, in winter. The main fabric is waterproof and rip stop, to give a strong and durable product. The fabrics have been created by a company which manufacturers interiors and seat fabrics for expensive cars and aircraft.

The Ruk-Bug Migration’s strapline is ‘here, there and everywhere’ to underline how versatile the Ruk-Bug Migration is as a product.

Ruk-Bug are a UK company who aim to be very ethical, responsible and innovative. We are extremely interested to hear that Ruk-Bug have a subsidiary company which provides pushchairs for children with additional needs.

We are looking forward to seeing, and trying out the Ruk-Bug Migration at the Harrogate Nursery Fair at the end of the month.

Follow our updates on this exciting project at Harrogate here and here in 2017.

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