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Mima Xari v’s Mima Kobi

This is a lovely set of photos of the Mima Xari next to a Mima Kobi.

The fundamental difference is that the Mima Xari is a single pushchair but the Mima Kobi is designed as a double pushchair, but it can be used as a single pushchair. This means that the footprint of the Kobi is larger.

The Kobi is a ‘Z’ shape chassis with one large shopping basket whereas the Xari is an ‘L’ shape chassis with two smaller baskets. Each has a storage / changing box which fits neatly into a basket, but the Xari one is much smaller.

The wheels are smaller on the Xari.

The Xari is shorter and a bit narrower than the Kobi.

The seat and carrycot sizes on both pushchairs are exactly the same thus offering the same level of luxurious comfort for the child whichever pushchair you choose!


Unfolded Width: 61 x Length 87 cms

Folded Dimensions with wheels on: Width 61 x Length 89 xHeight 42 cms

Front basket capacity: 8.5 litres; Rear basket capacity: 11 litres

Chassis Weight: 9.2kg

Chassis Weight with Seat: 13.4kgs

Seat Capacity: 17kgs


Unfolded Width: 63 cm x Length 103cms

Folded Dimensions with wheels on: Width 63 x Length 100 xHeight 47 cms

Basket capacity: 17 litres

Chassis Weight: 11kgs

Chassis Weight with Seat: 15.2kgs

Upper Seat capacity: 17kgs; Lower Seat capacity: 15kgs

Many Thanks to Cheeky Rascals for taking & allowing us permission to use these photos.


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