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Seed Pli by Monkey

I owned this briefly (a few weeks) after purchasing for a bargain price on eBay.

It was a lovely pram/pushchair with some innovative features – but I just didn’t get along with it because I found the handle bar was not tall enough for me – and I constantly kicked the rear of the chassis and the brake – accidentally clicking the break button down in error sometimes bringing us to an abrupt halt!

The pram/pushchair part quickly and easily converts from one to the other by the means of two straps attatching or detatching to the seat frame.

The seat was roomy enough for a 3y old – but the distance from the seat to the footrest was a bit short compared to other buggies.

The tray at the base of the pram was lovely – but shopping would slide off unless you used the shopping basket (available seperately) to hold stuff onto the tray!  The shopping basket was enourmous and could hold a LOT of stuff.

The seat and chassis had to be seperated for folding although after you’d folded it – you could clip the seat back onto the chassis (by two clips for this purpose only) for storage.

There were only 3 recline positions – of which realistically only two could be used with seat rear facing – but at least as a toddler seat you could have your child facing you.

The wheels and all components were top quality – and seemed v durable (although I did not use for long enough to prove this!).

Lascal buggy board claim you can attach the buggy board to this chassis – but in reality they are asking you to fasten the connectors to the brake bar housing – a weak point on the chassis that “spins” under pressure and is likely to break (in my opinion) if you put undue pressure on it.  Seed would say you had invalidated your warranty by attaching a buggy board in anycase (as would most other buggy manufacturers) – this would something to keep seriously in mind if you had purchased this buggy at the full retail price of close to £800!!!  Attaching the lascal buggy board connectors to any other point on the chassis hinders the fold – so I think this point about the buggy board is an important one to make – as many families buying a pram will expect to attach a buggy board at some point as they expand their family.

The raincover was not included in the price.

You can attach small skis to the front wheels of this pram / pushchair – many online stores say the skis can only be used on the fixed wheel version of the seed pli – but I contacted Seed Pli directly who were able to confirm to me that you can indeed attach the skis to the swivel wheel version of the seed pli too.   You just lock the wheels first.

I would recommend the swivel wheel version of this pram as it’s easier to use in urban situtations and in any case you can lock the front wheels for any moderate off road use.

The Tyres on the wheels have “Seed was here” written on them – which imprints into the mud/snow/sand as you wheel along – a quirky feature which we found a bit amusing and sort of cool!

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