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Mountain Buggy Duet Review by Emma

I have used a BJCS since my twins were born in Dec 2010 – loved having the travel system option in a narrow buggy.  However, as they have got older and heavier, I have found the buggy difficult to push given the length – it is heavy to lift up kerbs and pulls downwards when there is a slight slope to the pavement.  I therefore pre-ordered my Mountain Buggy Duet as soon as they became available on the 1st April and finally received it a few days ago.

My comments are:
  • It is so easy and light to push – just wonderful.
  • It is also fabulous having my 8mth old twins side-by-side in such a narrow buggy.
  • the brake pedals rattle as you walk, which makes the buggy feel kind of cheap (the way you would expect a Maclaren to rattle)!
  • There is a hole still cut out in the right hand hood where the one-handed fold button would have been – this makes the hood look ridiculous.
  • Would have been nice to have seat-back storage pockets.
  • Also, would be nice to close the buggy with a clip, rather than the strap which is fiddly.
  • Bit spoilt by my BJCS, but having magnets on the hood flaps, rather than velcro, is a nice touch.
  • Would be great to have a cup-holder available for hot drinks, rather than just the bottle holder.
All in all, I do love the buggy for precisely the reasons I’ve listed in the pros – the push and size.  However, I feel that some relatively small additions would have made the buggy amazing and put it in the same standards of luxury and convenience as the BJCS.  At the moment, I feel it loses out in all-round quality to Baby Jogger.
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