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Mountain Buggy Duet – Stormcover by Cat

First of all the name is fantastic.  Rain cover just reminds me of a dull, dreary, dark day shopping in town, with two screaming babies, rain dripping down your back and being poked in the eye by someone’s umbrella.  BUT storm cover, wow, that evokes being in the wilderness, with thunder and lightening rampaging up over your heads – much more exciting!!!!

It comes in a neat little fabric bag.  Nice, I thought, little touches like that impress me.  I haven’t tried to put it back in the bag yet, but it’s better than a plastic bag which rips the moment you open it.

It fits perfectly over the duet.  You throw it over the top.  It has velcro down the sides at the back to fasten together and then you bring the foot area over the black footrest.  It has a long tie that goes under the footrsest and has a little eyelet and tag to attatch it to the other side.

I really like the foot end of the storm cover.  The black fabric makes it look smart and it’s more enclosed rather than plastic all the way down to the bottom.  It sustained a lot of kicks but it stayed in place.

The middle section is great,  It has two zips and velcro at the bottom.  I usually don’t like velcro on things that you remove from baby items, I much prefer magnetic snaps but this is ok. The whole middle section then lifts up and rolls out of the way and secures with velcro ties.  I like this a lot.  I’ve seen many a rain cover where you’re wondering “how on earth do you get to the baby”?.  This way, if rain is imminent but stays away, you’re babies aren’t cooking on gas mark 5 under the plastic.

The storm cover comes right over the top and down all the way to cover the back of the seats in full recline.  Perfect fit actually, even when the seats are fully upright, it doesn’t flap in your way.

There are two little niggles that I would have done to make the storm cover perfect.

1. The back section has two flaps that join in the middle with velcro.  I personnally would have made it one section.  That way you don’t have a 2 inch hole in the middle by the hoods where both back sections meet.

2. Although the middle section is fantastic, I would have bought the zips up higher up the storm cover, say to the next fabric join.  That way, when the hoods are up, you can roll it up out of the way of the children.  As it is now, it’s best to have the hoods fully down or half way, to stop the rolled up bit hanging in the children’s faces and them complaining or playing hit the plastic.

I have tried to take photos, but all you can see are two children thinking being inside the plastic is great fun and it’s blurry!!

This is a fantastic storm cover and I would give it 4 stars out of 5, only loosing out on top marks because of the little niggles Miss Fussy Pants would have liked!!!

Just to add, it didn’t rain so I didn’t get a chance to see if any wet bits appeared on the duet or babies and whether the basket stayed dry!!!



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