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TFK (Trends for Kids) Twinner Twist Duo at Rise Hall

Yesterday we were privileged to be invited to attend a local traditional village fair. But this was no ordinary village fair because it was held at the beautiful Rise Hall in East Yorkshire, which is the country home of Property Ladder’s, Sarah Beeny. Rise Hall was featured in the Channel 4 TV programme Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare at the end of 2010, as Sarah Beeny tried to restore the house so it was suitable as wedding venue.

The first we knew about it was a text from our guest TFK Twinner Twist Duo Reviewer, Lucy asking if we had any rubber ducks she could borrow! So we swapped ducks for the Twinner Twist Duo and off we headed!

It was fab to have the Twinner Twist Duo back again. The Twinner Twist Duo is such a comfortable pushchair to be behind. We knew it would be the perfect pushchair for the grass, gravel and other surfaces we would come across and we were correct. The Twinner Twist Duo handled everything with ease, from cobbles to high grass verges (hard to drop off forwards with most pushchairs), gravel, grass, rough ground and even mud.

The village fair was held in the grounds of Rise Hall, and was a proper traditional village fair with a coconut shy, throwing things at people in the stocks, a cake and tea stall, tombola, welly wanging and of course the ‘net a duck’ alternative to hooking a duck which Lucy was in charge of! There was also a lovely petting farm with tiny baby rabbits, ponies, chickens, guinea pigs and more. It was incredibly safe and friendly and full of people we knew which gave the fair a lovely family atmosphere, all with the backdrop of the mellow stone of the hall itself.

Our daughter loved being able to hop in and out of the TFK Twinner Twist Duo as she wished – for that the Twinner Twist Duo was a perfect choice as opposed to a tandem. The pushchair was a great place to sit and watch the ‘Morris’ dancing girls, or to eat a hot dog or watch the puppet show. There was plenty of room underneath for our raincoats, bags and even the cakes we bought. Our daughter was so excited when I showed her the small zip up pouch next to her seat for her to put her clutch of prizes in. Our baby sat comfortably throughout and eventually fell asleep. Both children had a great view out. It did rain, and sadly we don’t have a raincover for the Twinner Twist Duo, so both children did get wet because the hoods are not the deepest. But the red of the Twinner Twist Duo I know brightened everyone’s day up. We got lots of smiles and hello’s.

I have to say, I really am not a fan of being photographed so the possibility of appearing on TV wasn’t exactly great, but I thought the fair would be very busy. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t busy, plus with a large red side by side double pushchair brightening up the afternoon of rain showers, I am quite sure we haven’t escaped the cameras. At one point during the puppet show a camera appeared out of nowhere and filmed the children in the pushchair watching the show, and also whilst our daughter tried to ‘net a duck’. So maybe this was the TFK Twinner Twist Duo’s TV debut??? We will have to wait and see!

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