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TFK Twinner Twist Duo Review by Lucy

Thank you for the opportunity to try out the Twinner Twist. It is definitely at the luxurious end of the double pushchairs spectrum. We have a 2 and a half year old and a 6 month year so this buggy has come in handy when going on long family days out when my eldest would be tired having to walk all the time.
In particular we took it to the Race for Life and to a local Agricultural Show (a very wet and muddy day!). If I had been fitter, I would definitely have jogged around the Race for Life pushing the pushchair as it is very easy to push. Instead, the girls had a comfy seat from which to spectate from! Here are our Pros and Cons:

We found this buggy to have excellent manoeuvrability, being easy to steer and push. At the Show there are steep inclines around the showground which were easily surmounted, including parts of the showfield which were deep mud instead of grass!
My husband found the handle to be a good height, he often struggles with pushchairs by catching his feet on the back of them, but did not with this one. The placement of the brake on the handle as opposed to the rear cross bar was very good as it prevented catching the brake by accident, and also having to put muddy feet on the buggy.
The seats are very comfy and easy to adjust.
We found that shopping basket is deceptively large, it fitted four coats, changing bag, picnic blanket and a potty in it!
At the Agricultural Show it coped well with extremely wet and muddy conditions and there was no splash back on the main frame of the buggy, even on the underside of the shopping basket. Although we did not have the raincover, we found that a golf umbrella stands perfectly well between the seats and shelters the whole of the pushchair!!
When loading into the car, front wheel release is very easy to use.

I have to admit it did not use the pushchair for normal shopping trips. I did not feel confident using for normal shopping trips as I was worried about the ease of getting round shops – but that’s probably more my inexperience at using a twin buggy.
The leg rest rises up to provide support when a child has their legs up, it would be useful if you could click back the plastic footrest away from the seat to flatten it (you can only click it back towards the seat but this would then be uncomfortable for the child) as it looks a bit odd when the leg rest is up.
Without the sunshade, we had to be careful of where the sun was when going out and about for a walk. We thought that the hood could be adapted to add an additional 6 inches or so of fabric onto it, to provide sunshade without having to use an additional sun shade attachment – my sister in law has the twin city jogger and the hood on that is designed in that way.
When collapsed, the pushchair stands on part of the main frame of the pushchair, over time you could see how this might wear that part of the pushchair down, a stand attached to the cross bar between the two rear wheels could help this.
It is awkward to carry the buggy when collapsed, the fabric fastener easily falls off, the clip could be magnetic to help it stay in place, or could be a metal attachment instead. A handle along the rear cross bar between the two front wheels would assist in carrying it.

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