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Mountain Buggy Duet Review by Katherine

I have have a Duet for my 2 year old and 3 month old. I have had it for a month and decided to add my review. I use it daily while I take my 4 year old to nursery. This involves taking it in and out of car twice a day at least so I am getting well practised.

To start with I found it heavy but I have refined my technique and can now do it with ease (NB I am 5ft 2 and of fairly slight build). First I do a forward and back movement to line up the wheels. Then I put on the brake and lower the handlebar before lifting the buttons which fold the duet. I then place one hand on the centre bar and one on the side of frame closest to me and tilt it onto side. I can then lift it up into my car boot (I drive 4×4 so quite high boot)

So it IS possible!! Out and about in town I find it great and fit into every shop in my town, plus through the nursery doors which I would never manage otherwise. I find it very easy to turn, push and not heavy at all. As well as being great in shops it is also very good offroad incl grass, woodland and sandy beach. I use carseat option for my baby and find it very easy to put it on and off. I haven’t tried storm cover yet so can’t comment on that – any time its been raining so far I have just put rain cover on carseat and hood up for toddler and this has worked ok.

So mostly I love my Duet but there ARE problems

1. The hood. The hole is plainly ridiculous and MB need to get these replaced ASAP!

2.The brakes. They can stick sometimes and require to be operated by hand, at other times they are fine. However they do also rattle which is annoying. I can get my size 4 feet onto the brakes ok but my husband struggles.

3. The seats have no padding – not a major issue and my boys don’t seem to mind but for the price they could have been better.

Overall I am very pleased with my Duet, in fact I would say I LOVE it. For me it is the best buggy available and I wouldn’t change it for any other buggy on the market. However a little bit of tweaking could make it perfect!

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