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Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360 with Children

This photoset shows a 2.9 year old girl and a 12 month old boy in the 2009 V1 Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360.

Both children sit very comfortably in the seats. The bucket seats haven’t bothered them at all and in fact have offered several advantages eg the eldest can’t reach the hood, her brothers feet are well out of the way of her feet, and the she can’t reach her brother easily to provoke him!!!

The triangular footrest was a minor issue because the girl wasn’t able (and didn’t want to) keep her feet on the footrest. But even when she dangled her feet, they were in no danger as the front wheel is well out of reach and the Nipper is high enough off the floor, and combined with the bucket seats it meant that her feet are nowhere near the ground.

Both children had plenty of space for growth both above their heads and width wise. They both look comfortable and relaxed.

Best of all the Nipper was incredibly light and easy and highly manoeuverable with these two older children on board. The Out ‘n’ ABout Nipper pushed no problem across the soft sand with the children on board. In fact the Nipper was so light that we had to cut short taking the first photos on the promenade after a gust of wind blew the pushchair towards us!!!

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