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7. A.M. Enfant Blanket Duo for Twin Pushchairs

We bought the 7 A.M. Blanket Duo this week and its been so brilliant as a cosy toes that we just had to share!

The 7 A.M. Blanket Duo is a cosy toes / footmuff alternative that has been designed for double, side by side, twin pushchairs. It apparently fits all US double pushchairs which will include the Baby Joggers, Easywalker and Mountain Buggy.

We bought it after discovering that a Buggysnuggle wouldn’t fit either sucessfully onto our TwinGo pushchair, nor in our Croozer bike trailer. We needed something easier to use and the 7 A.M. Blanket Duo certainly is easy to use!!!

We tried it on a couple of side by side pushchairs – the Air Buggy Mimi and the TwinGo – as well as the Croozer.

I have to say I was extremely skeptical as to how it would stay on with a very wriggly 3 year old and a baby who likes his feet constantly in the air. Plus both have different needs ie the baby needs to be reclined to nap. Also whether it would be roomy enough. Most importantly would it be draughty / have holes in the sides to let cold air in.

I have to say every fear was unfounded. The 7 A.M. Blanket Duo has two sets of velcro tabs on each half of the stroller blanket (you can see the middle ones on a photo). They tuck away when they aren’t required. They velcro on wherever you can fit them! On the Air Buggy, as you can see they went around the frame. With the Stroll Air we had to fasten them to the harness. There is also a long strap with a popper on it by each child (my daughter is shown with it in one photo) that I assume fastens to the harness and just stops the blanket falling off or being pulled off by the other child! (*EDIT* I believe they are dummy or toy tethers to stop a child losing them!) We didn’t need to use the central velcro straps (the ones pictured) but these could be secured anywhere you wish whether a harness or the frame. The blanket curves around and under the footrest area. There is a toggle which can then be pulled taught to keep the blanket in place.

Most of the way up the centre is a zip with poppers. These proved very useful first of all to allow the central bar of the Twingo to fit through when parent, and secondly when the baby fell asleep, it allowed me to split the blanket so that my toddler could still sit up and yet the baby was still warm and snuggly. There was plenty of fabric for both children still to be warm.

The top of the 7 A.M. Duo Blanket also unpoppers – as you can see from the photos this allowed the blanket to come right up to the child’s chin for extra snugglyness. My daughter refused to get out after these photos were taken because she was “snuggly”!

What we also like is that the blanket is really easy to get off. It folds up really small and its been better than having cosy toes dangling off when you carry the folded pushchair. On something like the Baby Jogger City Mini or Elite that folds with the seat outwards it wont get dirty like a normal cosy toes might. It wouldn’t get in the way of the Baby Jogger fold either.

The 7 A.M. Duo blanket has been great for our 3 year old who has huge feet. With our other cosy toes we tend to remove her shoes so that she can get her feet in. We dont need to with the Duo blanket because there’s tons of room for large feet…and also should hopefully stay cleaner this winter because it goes over the top of the feet and under the footrest.

The 7 A.M. Duo Blanket is lined with soft fleece. The outer fabric should protect against light rain and wind. We love the pockets on the outside for toys, dummies, keys or for Teddy to ride along too.

We really bought this Duo Blanket for the Croozer Kid2 bike trailer after failing to successfully fit cosy toes in with the complex harnesses. Our daughter will be doing the nursery run in it and we wanted her to be warm. What was useful is that we could attach the velcro straps to different points of the frame ie high up for our daughter so she could pull the blanket right up to her nose, but the same height swamped the baby and so we attached his strap lower down.

I have to say its rare I get excited about a product like this, but I think its because I really didn’t see how a single layer could seriously keep my children as warm as a cosy toes – but it seems to do the job really well. Its like a duvet on each child and they are both certainly happy and warm. Its just soooo much easier to use than two cosy toes! I wish I had discovered the Duo Blanket sooner!

With many thanks to Nigel at who encouraged us to give the Duo Blanket a go!

P.S. Apologies for the poor quality photos. The light was against us!



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