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Uppababy Vista with Rumble Seat Photoset

These photos show a 2011 Uppababy Vista with Rumble Seat.

The Uppababy Vista stroller comes in the box as a chassis with the toddler seat, carrycot, maxi cosi car seat adaptors, insect nets and raincovers. So all round its a good all inclusive package!

The Rumble seat is an extra – an add on toddler seat. The Rumble seat consists of a very light seat unit with a small hood and a separate footrest piece which hooks over the basket and then velcros around the bar in the centre of the basket. The Rumble seat takes seconds to fit onto the frame – it took a bit of practice to get right (!!) but after just a couple of times it was easy peasy!! There is a clip underneath the Rumble seat which then clips onto the front of the pushchair chassis.

This photoset is designed to show off the different ways the Rumble seat can be used on the Uppababy Vista ie with the main seat parent facing and outward facing, and also with the car seat on. There are also some photos to show what happens when the footrest is raised  or tucked under, and also when the seat is reclined. It was impossible to put the carrycot on with the Rumble seat – there simply is not room. The car seat only parent faces.

The Rumble seat itself is a very UPRIGHT seat – I can not stress this enough. In fact we did take photos against a wall to show how upright it is but they didn’t come out well. If your child naps, then it really is not a seat to put them in. We had to put our 15 month old in the Rumble seat because our eldest was too heavy, but his head lolled forwards alarmingly as tiredness set in, and I was forced to swap the children around. He frequently sleeps upright in a pushchair, but this is the most upright seat I have seen.

The Rumble seat has a 15.8kgs / 35lbs weight limit. The main seat takes 22.67kgs / 50lbs.

The Rumble seat is very sturdy when on the chassis. I was worried about there being some movement in the seat especially when I had to swap the children around, but even with a well overweight child in the seat, the connectors didn’t flinch. The hood is shallow but locks into position. The inside of the hood is lined with silver SPF protective fabric. There is a good 5 point harness. The seat is far enough away from the wheels for them not to be a danger to small fingers.

The Rumble seat raincover is an optional extra (which is a shame because the main Vista stroller came with everything in the box). We didn’t buy it because to be honest, we would probably use a tandem raincover to throw over the top of both children for quickness.

The Rumble seat is very small, light and neat, and its no problem to store or put in your car along with the Vista stroller.

The instructions say that the Rumble seat needs to be removed for folding. We did manage to fold the Vista with the seat on, no problem, but the Rumble seat fell off as soon as we tried to move the Vista!

All round I was very very impressed with the Uppababy Vista with Rumble seat. I think its a fantastic option to consider if your chosen Rumble seat child doesn’t nap. I am struggling to fault it. It is highly recommended by us.


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