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Love N Care TwinGo with Children

Sadly parent facing is an option that many twin and sibling parents have to compromise on to get a double pushchair which meets other requirements. Therefore it is rare that at just 3 years old, and 15 months old, that either of my children has had the opportunity to face me when in a pushchair, and certainly until now they had never both sat facing me at the same time.

But the Love N Care TwinGo has given our family a rare opportunity to have both children parent facing when out and about. It is absolutely lovely to be able to see both children, and to interact with them, without having to constantly stop the pushchair and run around to talk to them, check they were awake / sleeping, or without having to shout ‘ sorry I can’t hear you over the traffic, I will speak to you in a minute when we get to…’

My 3 year old summed it up for us on the first outing when she said “This is such fun” followed by “I like seeing you mummy!” Since then the Love N Care TwinGo has been her pushchair of choice to go our shopping trips. In fact when I tried to take the photos for Best Buggy, where the children are facing different ways, my eldest had a mini meltdown because she wanted to see me and couldn’t grasp that I would be stood taking photos! She desperately wanted to parent face! But she quickly calmed down when I told her she could see her brother and could play “Round and Round the Garden” with him. The baby clearly enjoyed the sibling interaction too :) I apologise for the self indulgent photos but I loved seeing the children playing and talking together.

The TwinGo seats are higher than our other side by side pushchairs and so it came with us to our local bonfire. Our daughter had a great view out. The baby simply fell straight asleep under his snuggly 7 A.M. Duo Blanket!

The Love N Care TwinGo has carried the combined weight of the children and lots of shopping very well. It has been no problem to manoeuvre or get up kerbs. The wheels have freely moved (I have had issues with sticking wheels on some doubles because of the load weight). I have had no issues at all with the TwinGo pulling to the side of my eldest – the TwinGo runs perfectly in a straight line even on a cambered pavement! The Love N Care TwinGo has handled cambers, cobbles, mud, gravel, grass, shops, shopping and more very very well.

PLEASE bear in mind that when looking at the photos that the children have thick winter clothes and tall hats on. I will try to take some photos without their coats / fleece suits on at some point. However my daughter at 3.1years old does fit very comfortably in the seat units. I can easily get a hand down either side of her as she sits in the seat units. She has plenty of head and leg room. Bearing in mind that she is over 3 years old, she is also tall (100cms) and weighs over 16kgs, I think she is probably a very good test for the Love N Care TwinGo. I am 100% happy that she is comfortable – and believe me if she wasn’t, I would soon know!!!!

PLEASE also note that we have been unable to use the full 5 point harness on the eldest. She is strapped in for these photos, but we have an additional harness that we have used on some outings. But she is also 3 years old, has a 3 point harness on and she has been parent facing. However, to be honest, our daughter needs the freedom of non fixed shoulder straps / a floating harness as the TwinGo seats are fairly reclined even when at their most upright. She has enjoyed pulling herself forwards & holding onto the bumper bar. In the first photos in this set the baby is actually asleep upright and looks comfortable. Note how the harness for the baby is extended to the maximum. Again he is wearing winter clothing, but the harness is snug on him. The harnesses are also very fiddly to do up. I hope that longer and easier harnesses are something that can be addressed for future pushchairs.

Apologies for the quality of some of these photographs. Some eg the bonfire were taken in pitch darkness and others in our poor afternoon Autumn light!

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