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Mamas & Papas Urbo with 3 Year old

This is the Mamas and Papas Urbo with a 3.1year old (and Teddy) in the seat. The Urbo seat unit is one of the largest I have seen amongst pushchairs. The 3 year old certainly was sat comfortably in the seat and she could be reclined easily. She had plenty of room under the hood and could lie down comfortably. The harness was a lovely silky ribbon type harness and it meant that it could be adjusted very easily to fit her.

Admittedly, she is at the upper end of the age limit for using this pushchair, but there were a few negative points to note. First of all the footrest is nigh on useless! There is no way a child could ever contort their feet to rest on the footrest! Secondly, the peekaboo window is in completely the wrong place on the hood. The best I could see was the child’s feet and lower leg! Finally, she was able, as a photo shows, to put her feet onto the wheels when parent facing (she did this naturally as a place to rest her feet).

The last photos, show how low the Urbo handle can go. The 3 year old is 100cms tall and the Urbo was just perfect for pushing Teddy around in!!

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