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Revelo BuggyPod Review by TS

I got the BuggyPod to connect to a Jazz EaSyS special needs pushchair for my 2y/o daughter (approx 11kg & 85cm). I got it 2nd hand so I ended up with one of the original models (it’s from 2007).

Whilst it does indeed provide a 2nd seat onto another single pushchair, it has many drawbacks:-

It makes for a very, very, wide double – I can’t get it into many lifts or shop aisles with my daughter sitting in it. This means every time I want to get to the children’s dept (which is always on the 1st floor) I have to remove my daughter, unclip 3 difference clips, remove the wheel, reattach the wheel to another place and then attach the retaining strap to the now exposed wheel spoke.

If you go over uneven ground the buggypod wheel lifts off and all the weight is then borne by the pushchair frame, if it doesn’t do that then the wheel drags rather than revolves which makes pushing very hard going.

I have previously used a buggy board on the same pushchair and it doesn’t make the handling so heavy or awkward.

The seat is narrow (which is fine even my 4y/o can sit in it width-wise if not weight-wise) but the seat is long and my daughter ends up ‘crotch hanging’ from the crotch strap and slumping dreadfully after a few minutes in the seat.

The foot rest is directly under the seat so is impossible for the child to rest their feet on unless you pick up the foot rest and place the child’s feet on it. Of course every time they shift position they then need you to repeat the above.

The seat back is very low too and for an older/taller child would be quite uncomfortable as there is no head/neck support at all.

It is very fiddly to attach and it took a few attempts (and my husband’s help) before we were satisfied it was on safely. I have taken to bringing a multi-tool out with me to make adjustments when we are out!

As mentioned on the Revelo BuggyPod website, people do stop and stare at it but I find that very uncomfortable as we have enough stares due to the SN pushchair. If it was attached to an ordinary pushchair I doubt I would mind so much but it does attract a lot of comments so be aware if you are going to use it on a SN pushchair.

On the positive side Revelo’s customer service is very very good – I needed to order a replacement top strap and larger connectors for the SN pushchair and they were very helpful and quick to send out the items.

It is very good for using as a ‘Mall Stroller’ – wide aisles and flat surfaces indoors but as an outdoor item it doesn’t really deliver.


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