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Mountain Buggy +One with Children

Here is a photoset of the Mountain Buggy +One with a 3.2 year old and a 16 month old on board.

We think these two children are the perfect ages to be in this pushchair, and the +One is a pushchair that will grow with our family for probably the next two years.

The 16 month old looks very comfortable in the front seat. There is just enough of a recline for him to nap comfortably. However we would not consider putting the 16 month old in the rear for some time yet. He needs to have stopped napping during the day before we would consider it.

The eldest has lots of space in the rear. However we did find that she became uncomfortable after some time in the rear. The seat is very upright and we could tell she was struggling to find somewhere to lean or rest. We did find it difficult to lift her over the top of the sides and into the seat. The eldest also looks very comfortable in the front seat but no ‘frogs legs’ as yet. However she did dangle her legs both over the side and on top of the wheel. But she also bypassed the footplate and put her feet on the steel bars above the wheel. She is 100cms tall. Her large feet fitted fine in the footbag.

We did recline both the 3.2 year old in the front and the 16 month old in the rear. In reality both are too big for the positions in the photos but it should give an idea of the available space. The 3.2 year old was unable to lie flat in the harness as she simply did not have enough leg space. But without the harness (one could always be attached to the D rings) she had plenty of space to stretch out flat and have her feet on the footrest. The 16 month old was placed in the rear compartment. He is tall for his age. He clearly did not have enough leg room, but was happy enough in there. The rear space is certainly not small, so that even if a baby outgrows the cocoon, there should be plenty of space for a baby to lie flat until 6 months old.

Please bear in mind that the hood is on the lowest setting for most of these photos. The hood can be placed at various points higher up on the frame. So there is plenty of room for growth!


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