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Obaby Apollo Sport Plus Twin Review

I have a love hate relationship with this pushchair, in that I hate having to love it! I really can’t fault it, we have taken it on the London Underground, up and down escalators and onto tubes, over rough terrain on Dartmoor, cobbled streets in Boscastle and Totnes, beaches in Torbay, fields and commons in Kent and your average streets and pavements. We really have tested this pushchair to it’s limits, and it has coped with it all admirably.

It takes my huge twin changing bag across the back handles with ease, and it kinda tucks under so it doesn’t get in the way when your pushing. Is also then at a great height when you need to reach in and find something (rather than it being inaccessible in the basket underneath the pushchair).

My tiny babies were so comfy in it and have always slept in it brilliantly. When they had terrible reflux I was able to push the seats up a click so that they were on a safe incline for their reflux.

It fits through doorways, isn’t too long so is easy to push, lightweight, I can bump it up and down steps, basically it’s perfect, I really can’t fault it.

We also have the Jane Twin Two, as well as the Baby Jogger City Select, the first because I thought I couldn’t cope without a travel system (babies hate the car seats) and the BJCS because Hubby fell in love with it in John Lewis – likes the taller handle! I can barely push the BJCS, get severe pain in my wrists and babies are light 6 month olds, I would prefer the Twin Two but both seats won’t recline. Neither turn well. So I mostly use the Obaby. I wish it was flashier, and I’m forever having pushchair envy from other people’s single pushchairs, BUT it really is super easy to push and load babies into. I don’t love this pushchair for itself, Iove it because my sweet babies have grown up in it and gone on adventures in it, but it really has been the best vaue and most practical of all our pushchairs.

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