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Phil&Teds Verve Review by PG

I bought a Phil&Teds Verve and at first loved it, great! But this did not last long. I very soon started to have issues. First I noticed the Verve was creaking which got louder. The further I went the worse it got. Then the wheels started to do this /……\ and rubbing because of this. Then the pushchair started to get harder to push. The further I went the harder it became and with the other two problems getting worse. I then let go of the handle bar to pass something to my daughter only to watch the handle move back to the centre. This was when I realised the frame was twisting as I pushed it. This and the Verve wheels rubbing was the reason why it was getting harder to push. After only a few weeks I was forced to return the Verve and was issued with a full refund. Now I am, or should I say was a huge fan of Phil&Teds and have owned many models over the years and I would have been the first to recommend them, but this has to be the worst one I have ever owned out of all the Phil & Teds models. I owned a vibe and had the front wheel recall but this by far tops this. I will no longer be recommending Phil&Teds and feel that since they started getting their pushchairs made in China their standards have gone down hill. Almost every model they have released has had issues and recalls. I am shocked that Phil & Teds seem to be keeping a known fault to themselves. I for one know of 3 other Verve’s that have had the same issues as mine, so mine Phil & Teds Verve was not a one off !!!!!!

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