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Maclaren Twin Traveller Review

I only used this pushchair with babies aged 3 to 7 months, but it started to feel a bit heavy at about 6 months. I imagine it would be very heavy to push with two older toddlers in.

The seats are very narrow, but reasonably long. The hoods are a good size with sun visors to provide extra shade. The recline is extremely awkward because you need to lift two connectors right under the seat, but the seats can lie in many positions. The baskets are tiny and hard to access, but you can hang lots of bags on the handles without the pushchair tipping. The raincover takes up the entire space of one basket. The pushchair isn’t too difficult to fold, but is very long folded. 

I wasn’t all that impressed with the Twin Traveller and I think there must be better double strollers available.

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