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Maxi Cosi Mura 3 Review

The Maxi-Cosi Mura is probably the most comfortable pushchair I have come across for a child. The thick foam contoured seat looks so comfortable that I am sure any parent would love to have their child in the seat! The seat is supportive and shaped. The seat is reversible, so can face the parent or the world. There is a 3 position recline in both directions. The large hood has a flick out visor to shield little eyes from the sun. Apparently there used to be an extension to the hood zipped into the rear, but there was none on our Mura.

Apparently the fabric is easily removed to wash. There is a T bar in front of the child offering something for them to hold (it is a bit like a steering wheel!) but also very useful if you have a wriggly child to prevent them sliding forwards whilst doing their harness up. The T bar easily pops out via a button release and lies flat for a child to be able to climb in.

The harness is a good size with nicely padded shoulder harnesses which are held in place with poppers. The buckle is sturdy and is easy to do up and to undo. There are 3 height positions for the harnesses.

There is an adjustable calf rest which at first glance looks a little insubstantial. But amazingly it is very supportive and does the job well. The footrest is great for an older toddler and holds the feet well.

The Maxi Cosi Mura 3 has three chunky wheels (the front wheel is a double one) with air tyres. These give a very comfy ride across all terrain for a child. The Mura is very easy to manoeuvre across any terrain or around shops. The only downside is that the Mura is very wide for a single – in fact there is a double that is wider than the Mura – and this may be an issue in smaller shops. There is an air pump included and this is stored in a pouch in the basket.

There is a good sized basket under the Mura, but once the seat unit is on, the access to the basket is very restricted.

The seat unit is very easy to remove – simply pull a handle behind the seat and the seat unit pops off. It takes a minute to locate where to put the seat unit back on, but once you find the place, the seat clonks satisfyingly into place.

The chassis is very solid and sturdy. The Mura is all about a quality, chunky feeling pushchair. It feels durable and robust. However with that comes a price – the fold! In theory, the seat could be left on to fold but a) Maxi-Cosi still recommend you remove the seat at the start of the fold and b) we never worked it out and neither have other other users that we know about! So the fold is really a 2 piece fold ie the seat needs removing from the chassis. The seat unit is large and bulky to store – it is a huge chunk of hard plastic like a car seat. It is not easy even to keep in a laid flat position because the seat keeps wanting to sit back up when moved!!

The chassis itself has two stages to the fold. The first involves sliding a safety catch, then two buttons up on each side of the pushchair. The pushchair has an unusual fold which takes a bit of getting used to. The second stage involves a red button in the centre of the basket and this allows the basket to fold inwards. There is an autolock on the side of the chassis, but getting the Mura to lock into this took two of us pushing!! Minutes later the chassis had popped out of the autolock so we were then left with free wheels which quickly locked back into position pre Stage 2, leaving an unwieldy package!!

All round the fold on the Mura really lets it down. I can understand an off road pushchair being chunky, but the seat unit is large as well as the unit. Both will freestand but you need the room to put two parts. They do not nest very well as one unit.

The Mura comes as a 3 or 4 wheel option. There are also the options to add on a carrycot or Maxi-Cosi car seat.

All round we were very torn. The seat unit is incredibly comfortable for any child. It works very well and is very supportive. But the folded size has meant that although we would very much have liked to have kept the Mura, it takes up too much room in our house and takes up too much room in our car boot. It would be fantastic if you kept a pushchair ready to go in a hall or porch. The basket access has let the Mura down. We need to be able to get some shopping or a changing bag into the basket. We believe that the Mura changing bag will fit through the basket gaps, but we often bring shopping home with us and we can’t realistically see this being possible. We would love to see a pushchair manufacturer create a seat unit like the Mura’s but in a smaller package.



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