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MyChild Pinto with Children

Here are a 3.3 year old and 17 month old in the MyChild Pinto. Both children are tall for their age. The 3 year old is just over 100cms tall. The 17 month old is 11kgs.

Both children looked comfortable in the seat. Clearly the 3 year old is at the top of the range for this pushchair (which is to be expected) but the only issue we really had was the fabric footrest. She really struggled to keep her feet on the footrest and indeed the footrest folded towards the middle as she put her feet on. The first photo shows this. The second photo shows that she didn’t really have anywhere else to put her feet as the front fabric stopped her from resting her feet on the bottom of the chassis. She could fit under the hood and the harness although almost fully extended was fine even with her coat on.

The 17 month old looked very comfortable. There was a good view through the huge peekaboo window to see him. It was lovely to have the adjustable footrest for him.

All round we thought the MyChild Pinto was a very good pushchair, and great value for money.

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