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MyChild Sienta Duo with Children

Here is a photoset of the children (aged 2.7 years and 10 months) in the MyChild Sienta Duo.

There are photos of both children sat upright and both reclined. The front recline is very minimal but would be sufficient to stop a toddler’s head lolling. I think that having the hood up would give them additional side support. However I was not happy that there was enough support in the front seat for the baby to nap.

The seats were a good size for both children. The baby had a view out of the rear which was good to see.

Note that the eldest can put her feet on the floor, and on the wheels, if she wished. She was able to push the Sienta Duo backwards easily with her feet. She is quite tall for her age though. I have to say, I did have the dilemma of safety (ie toddlers feet on the floor and wheels) or a good seat for the baby to nap (the rear) and with this pushchair I felt that my toddler needed to be told to keep her feet up off the floor and the baby should at this age be kept in the rear!! I made a different decision with the Jane Powertwin where I felt the toddler was so uncomfortable with her feet on the footrest,and had her feet directly on and behind the single wheel, that she went in the rear, with the baby in front.

The head of the baby is bulging the fabric at the rear of the pushchair when he is fully reclined. To be fair he probably does not need a flat recline but it gives an idea of the available space. There was sufficient room for his feet even when the front seat was reclined (foot photo). As he grew, then his feet would start to go down through the leg holes to the footrest.

Both children have room under the hood although the eldest did not have much space. But the rear hood is taller.

The MyChild Sienta Duo was very easy to push with both children in which was quite surprising, and for this reason, I think this tandem buggy is worth a look if you are looking for this style of double pushchair.


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