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MyChild Sienta Duo Review

This photoset is of the MyChild Sienta Duo tandem pushchair.

The MyChild Sienta Duo has two seats, one behind the other. The rear seat is slightly raised above the front seat and it lies flat, so therefore is suitable from birth. The front seat has a very slight recline (the seat is reclined in most of the photos where the rear seat is reclined). Therefore this is a pushchair suitable for siblings or 6 month+ twins.  The rear seat has a toggle recline, so that the recline can be set at any level. The  front seat has a handle to recline it a small amount.

The seats are very nicely padded with good harness shoulder pads. Both seats have a small hood which locks into position on both sides. The front seat has a bumper bar but the rear seat does not.  The Sienta Duo comes with a raincover.

The build feels sturdy. We were very surprised how easy the Sienta Duo was to push with two good sized children on board. We did find that the handles flexed a bit, side to side, when pushing. But it wasn’t anything we worried about. But the ease of pushing is important to note because it was easier to push than a lot of tandem pushchairs at several times the price of this pushchair. The handles are foam covered and were comfortable for the adult to use.

The My Child Sienta Duo has a HUGE basket with good access through poppered sections at the sides, and also spaces at the rear and sides to push items through.

The Sienta Duo folds umbrella style. It is worth bearing in mind that the pushchair is long folded (114cms). It will not fit into some smaller car boots (it is the same with all of this style of pushchair though). But the Sienta Duo does have a carry handle and a closure strap which are both very useful. The Sienta Duo could easily be pulled along behind folded so could be useful if you need to go up steps. The Sienta Duo is also narrow at just 51cms wide!

The footrests are very functional and basic. We had issues with our children and the footrest. They are 21 months apart but the eldest (tall for her age) at the age of 2.7 months, could easily touch the floor or pushchair wheels. She could even paddle the pushchair along backwards using her feet. I have to say this did worry me because she does like dangling her feet rather than using a footrest. I had to make a safety decision to put her in the rear seat, where her feet were over the basket area and higher up, but this then meant that the baby aged 10 months then only had a very minimal recline for a nap. To be honest, it was not enough of a recline for him. But equally in the rear section, his head was making the mesh fabric bulge at the rear ie he was really too tall to be fully reclined. I think therefore that although this pushchair is very good for quality, price, pushability etc. that a buyer needs to be aware of the ages and stages that their children would be in each seat and what their needs would be. It didn’t seem to work for my two children but that is largely due to my eldest liking to dangle her feet. I have seen two much older toddlers in a Sienta Duo (approx aged 2 and 3) and they looked very comfortable and happy.

I think if you are looking for an umbrella fold stroller, then I would recommend this pushchair. I have pushed other umbrella fold tandems and have found them to be very heavy. The Sienta Duo really was pretty easy to push and was comparable to the expensive travel systems that we had on test at the time. It did pleasantly surprise us!!



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