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Quinny Senzz Review by SW

The one thing that grabbed me about the Quinny Senzz pushchair was its looks. I am a total sucker for a good looking, outside of the norm pushchair. Clean lines, a bit of a twist, something thats a bit different to look at. Oh yes, the Senzz ticked all those boxes. I ummed and erred for a while, then spotted a lovely special offer and went for it.

When it arrived, I was impressed by the size of the box. Nice and square suggested to me this could be the compact pushchair I was looking for. I dont currently own a car, So need something thats suitable for public transport. So a small fold is essential. Big tick in that box as well there for the Senzz.

I have to say, when unpackaging it, it struck me that this was one very well packaged pushchair. I dont think I have ever removed as many ties and bits of cardboard of another pushchair in my 11years as a parent. Great, so the Senzz wasnt damaged in transport. Not so great for my recycling bin, or for the dog who has a plastic-additction and stole a couple of plastic ties.

Unfolding and folding the Senzz is a lot different to any pushchair i have owned before. it takes a little while to get used to the unusual fold, but is so worth it, as its folds down small, and is easily to move about onto buses etc with its carry handle.

The handle height suits me fine, at 5ft 4, and my friend C who is 6ft-ish. Its a nice in-between height, not too low, maybe a little too high for some, but I love a high handle.

Talking about the handle, i must point out, it is a funny shape. This does take some time getting used to it, and finding the best position for your hands. I have taken to placing my hands much closer together than usual to get a good comfortable grip. I dont feel this is a one handed push as the button in the middle gets in the way, and means you do end up readjusting the steering every now and then to compensate. If the fold button was in a different place then this could be steered one handed.

The push is nice and light, it moves easily on pavements and around shopping centres. Don’t get me wrong, this is perfect for about town, but I wont be reaching for it to walk my dog with over the fields and down by the lakes. The small wheels do mean you feel every cobble or bump in the road. However, if you are just nipping down the shops, or on the school run, as long as you dont go off road, then you are sorted.

The basket is a good size for a small pushchair. It holds two book bags, two lunch bags, and the raincover easily. Can also fit a small amount of shopping underneath.

The brakes are easy to apply and release, which is whats needed when out and about, the last thing you need are brakes that are awkward to take off or put on.

The hood gives good coverage, though I am little flummoxed by the windsheilds on the side. They pop on and off a little too easily and detract from the look of the Senzz in my opinion.

The raincover is easy to put on and take off. Though is bulky when folded and takes up a lot of room in the basket.

The seat is a good size and shape for my 1 year old, and he sits comfortably in it. The one handed recline is fanastic and easy to use. The harness sits nicely and is easy to adjust. The crotch strap could do with being a little longer to accomdate bigger children, but for now, it suits us well. My son has fallen asleep in the Senzz and appeared to be very comfortable.

I do wish the Senzz had the option of a bumper bar, as my boy does like to grab those and they are also handy to hang toys on.

I do have the carrycot for my new baby due later this year, and tried it out the other day. The carrycot sits nice and high, and gives a good view of where baby will be. I dont think it will be back breaking to take baby in and out like some carrycots. It comes with a good size hood and blanket, and also raincover.

Also included in the Senzz package are adapters for maxi cosi car seats, the cabriofix and Pebble. I dont have either of these seats at present to try out, but will be purchasing one soon for my baby.

I am very happy with the Senzz, and whilst its not an all-rounder, it does have its place in the pushchair world and in my home. Its my little run-around bus buggy for when I do have both hands available and want to pop out for meeting friends etc.



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